Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Dasha, You missed on me?

I think I have to break up with her.  After 18 emails, she FINALLY gets around to sort of asking for $800.  I mean, whomever is on the other side of this really isn't getting their real value out of it.  18 emails and they only want $800?  I need a woman with more courage than to only ask for $800.  My kids ask for more than that though they get a yogurt usually in response to 'can we go to the airport and fly to nanny's house'.  No, here's a yoghurt though. 

So here's what she said today, maybe I'm just not into her anymore.  But once again, her closing line is pretty good.  I'm going to keep this one too.  She does call me her favourite - which is real sweet.  I'm not sure about all these gentle kisses either.  My dog does that and I'm always saying 'Jack, knock it off'.  I hope she's toilet trained, maybe that's where she's a step above Jack.

IMG_0368HEllo my favourite Loren! I'm fine, how there is your day? You missed on me?

Today I have visited the Internet - cafe, and with huge pleasure have received your letter! I have very strongly pleased, when have seen,

That you wish to help me with my travel to you. I am grateful to you for it, that you as well as I do everything that we have met,

Also were happy together! Really we with you a meeting already very soon will take place, I am very glad to it!

My thoughts are filled by each days only about you and about ours with you to a meet ing! To me is not suffered to meet any more

With you and gently to kiss you!

Road Loren, only one me has very strongly upset and has afflicted, how you already know, that yesterday I have visited travelling agency and learnt all

The full information of my travel to you. My agent has informed me that my trip to you will cost 1000 US dollars It is very big sum

For me as I have only 200 US dollars.

My favourite it is very a shame to me to you to speak it, but without your help to me not how not to manage,

As except you not who cannot help me. Road Loren if I was itself in a condition to pay the trip to you

That I already would go tomorrow and have started to legalise papers for arrival in your country as for me money is not important,

For me the most important thing to be near to the favourite person, namely with you my love. I very strongly hope, that you can

To help me and already very soon we will meet you. I very strongly love you!

I with huge impatience will wait for your answer!

Yours Dasha which madly loves you!

I wrote back to her and like her letters, I completely ignored everything she asked me. I'm trying out different endings to my short responses - today I used:

"My heart grows as large as a New Jersey housewife for you" - Lorpeedo.

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