Friday, October 30, 2009

The Best of Dasha


Like anyone lazier than a yellow lab, I'm going to recycle what has already been written - but with the hope that my awesome and magical abilities that I'm able to resurrect some warm and fuzzy feelings for you.  With that - I bring 'THE BEST OF DASHA" - my greedy little communist pretend girlfriend scammer:

  1. What do you think in this occasion?
  2. With love Dasha.
  3. The data, and I with huge pleasure have received your letter with data.
  4. After all you such magnificent, gentle, lovely, careful, trustful, and the most important thing the beloved whom I searched throughout long years. (note, this was in her 2nd email to me). 
  5. With huge love and set of gentle kisses, yours Dasha.
  6. With all tenderness, yours Dasha.
  7. You missed on me?
  8. Today I have visited the Internet
  9. Yours Dasha which madly loves you!
  10. Without you time lasts as eternity.
  11. With love and a considerable quantity of kisses yours dasha!!!
  12. From the huge Love yours Dasha!
  13. My growth makes 172 centimetres
  14. How are you? How at you mood?
  15. But then it has started to come late home, began to drink often, and sometimes even lifted on me a hand
  16. Only my Daddy could put me on the necessary way.
  17. Whether as you consider acquaintance in what that more serious for example the Internet can turn to happy marriage?
  18. I had a meaning of the life!
  19. The darling I would be glad to speak by with you to phone, but much to our regret at me it have stolen 3 months ago when I went behind purchases.
  20. I search for pure love and romanticists in relations.
  21. To me to become joyfully on a shower
  22. What do you think of it?/How you look at it?
  23. It seems to me that it is love.
  24. You do not read my letters? Or you such stupid!

There you go, Dasha - her words were priceless, or at least $800 for future words.  Analstaysisa keeps writing but just tells me how she needs $950 but FEELS SOOOOOO BAD to ask for the money and has told me that in Moscow "it looks like all people are false here", so true my commie-pinko Russian bear, so true. 

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Greg Remaly said...

the Dasha Era was a good one, lots of fond memories...

anastasia's "my sister took some naked pictures of me because I might need them sometime and it's my decision" email might be better than anything Dasha wrote, but we did quite a lot of output from Dasha at least.