Tuesday, October 13, 2009

20 Days and Exactly One Month Will Proceed

Well, my best effort to weird her out didn't work.  The Dasha is back with a vengeance and of course some bikini photos and a promise to visit my nearest airport and provide relations in a real kind!  I sort of think her terrible English is sort of cute, but then I imagine a real live conversation with this woman, I imagine I'd have to drink a bit to get on the same level and to really enjoy the tall trees and birds and pure love and romanticists in relations.  

So without a whole lot of content from me (I'm busy trying to get my head around having to run a 50k trail race at altitude in a few months)

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Hello my dear Loren!

How you have spent day? I am very glad that you have answered my letter! To me you are very pleasant that as well as I wish to meet! It is very important for me as in my soul the set of emotions which has collected are pulled out from heart. I need to tell to you concerning our relations much, I with impatience wait day of ours with you for a meeting. I hope that you will like my new photo!

I wish to inform that on work the heads give me holiday which will begin in 20 days and exactly one month will proceed. And I very much would like to spend all my holiday together with you. What do you think of it?

I when did not leave for limits of Russia earlier and I very much would like to visit somewhere other country, especially near to such person as you! It for me will be very interesting and important to see you and to try to create our relations in a real kind. I will be assured that at us with you to turn out all that we want!!! How you look at it? Whether you are ready to meet me at yourself?

Certainly I will not insist on a meeting in your country and if you want that can visit me having arrived in my city. But I very much would like to learn as there live people abroad Russia, to look all most beautiful places of your city, to get acquainted with your family and certainly more close to learn you, all fine parties of your life. It seems to me that at us with you all will turn out that we will want, together we can live a long happy life.

What do you think of it? My dear Loren if you really would want that I have arrived to your country that you the address and the nearest airport in which I should tell to me I can arrive. When I will obtain these data that I can go to travelling agency and to learn what necessary documents it is necessary to issue for flight to you my dear Loren!

What do you think in this occasion? It is very important to me to know your opinion. I really very much wish to meet you and to try to create our relations in a real kind. I very much hope that you think just as I!

On it I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your answer with good news!

With love Dasha.

There is a lot of 'what do you think of it' this time.  Gosh.  A lot of thinking!  I'm still curious how she can come visit me for 20 days but doesn't have the cashola to get herself a phone.  If she could cut a few more hairs and say out from behind purchases - then we can take this relationship to the next level!

Love is mysterious....


Greg Remaly said...

yeah, she's going to ask you to pay for the flight. therein lies in the scam... at least you're getting some reasonably nice pics and entertaining emails out of it.

Sarah said...

So I was cracking up at this whole thing and then I read Greg's response. Which made me crack up more. Thanks, boys!

I don't even know what to say. I mean, you must be so busy THINKING, Loren!!

I'm still sort of incredulous at the cajones this woman has to just randomly email some dude and be like "hey. marry me."