Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timberman 70:3 When You Get Passed by a Power Walker

Soooooo as I was saying....

Dolphin RidesI finished up the bike portion - feeling like I was going pretty easy for the most part, but the pain from my saddle was sort of rough.  I think the pad from my tri suit ripped and chaffed the snot out of my sexy inner thigh.  Everything gets sort of sore, so it wasn't all that hurt.

Oh of course I forget to mention that I have had some nasty knee pain and figured it COULD be as a result of my high saddle.  So the day before the race I lowered it about 3mm.  Not a lot but when you're totally insane about being 1mm off - it wasn't a great idea.  I sort of paid for that on the uphills where I was smushed a bit more than I was used to. 

I raised it back when I got home. 


I think I still rode a 2:36 or something ok like that.  I should have just smashed the bike because what would happen next would probably have still happened.

So I did the awesome dismount I normally do - passing at least 5 people at the dismount line.  Really people, do you need to stop and walk?  If you do, go in a straight line.  Only once did I almost end someone's race. 

Then I transitioned swimmingly - socks on while standing, shoes on while standing (sitting looks so non-pro) and I didn't fall over.  I put on the Under Armour Spectres and started running.

Then I got onto the course and saw my friend Tracy (another guy with a girl's name) who drove 2.5 hours to watch - he was supposed to race with me but got his bike stolen (which I'm sort of convinced isn't a lie, I think he gave it away so he could skip the race). We ran for about .25 mile and then I felt like my kidneys got punched.  They hurt wickedly.  I quickly thought that I didn't need to do that - race I mean, and I started walking. I thought with some water and a few mins to settle it might go away but every time I ran, my kidneys felt like they did when I'd go mtn biking downhill on my old mtn bike Grimace (It was a purple Specialized Rock Hopper with NO suspension). 

So we got to the first aid station which had a pile of snow.  I put a snowball down my tri suit which immediately seemed to be a bad idea.  I think I got some frostbite on my 'cracker' as we call it at home (your butt crack).  Then it went further and the whole BBQ was frozen and I REALLY didn't want to run.  So we walked and jogged and chatted a bit.  I think we still were doing 8:30's but it wasn't fast.  There were a LOT of people walking, which I didn't see at Vineman - though some were walking, but only on hills. 

Then we ran and I sampled ice, coke, gatorade and water at just about every stop. 

imageThen people would cheer 'you look great' and I wanted to punch them.   Or they'd say 'great job' or something not really inspiring.  I really had to run past these people because the guilt of NOT running past them was unbearable.  I mean, they stared at you, judging and then cheered. 

I judge people all the time, so I figured they were.  I should have painted 'I know I'm sort of quitting but I"m still able to wear 32" waist jeans'.  I felt shame for my calves who deserved better.

Then I ran, downhill.

Then Chrissie Wellington ran past on the other side of the road and I walked.  Man is she fast.

Then all of the rediculous walking was starting to give all of those folks who had been crushed on the bike a chance to pass me. 

I started getting passed by people who didn't look triathletey.  Then pasty legged folks went by.  Then I went by some people signing folk music with a strong PA system.  I remember the first one I heard was 'Woman's Day' that I think Peter Gabriel do.  I thought that was sort of weak.  In NH, they might say it was gay but I can't say that. 

Then I ran and walked some more.  People were wearing Fred Flinstone costumes at one place.  Some pretty unhappy kids at that one whose parents clearly made them do it. 

I collected sponges.  Which I found out later they just recycled and handed out again.  So I stopped putting them on my head.  I got yellow, red and blue ones.  That was fun for about a mile. 

Then I ran and Kate Major passed me and I jumped behind her.  I ran behind her at what seemed to be a COMPLETELY reasonable pace for me on just about any other day in my whole life up to that point until the gatorade/coke/ice/water sampling I did came up with a rage.  She would NOT have appreciated all of that on her behind - so I walked some more. 

I'm not adding any more.  But you can tell from my race it ended worse than it started. 


tks said...

i still laugh at our response when the power walked passed. she took it well.
i haven't seen a better offer than mine for the bike, so have it shipped to my office.

Rainmaker said...

Though, had you actually cookie-tossed on her, it would have made for a hilarious story. Just sayin'...