Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Mostly Shaving Cream

IMG_1102 Never say never.  First I say it's my last post and then I think I'll quit running.  Then I take a break and suddenly I'm taking the 25 flights of stairs up to my office and then down and then adding an extra 302kg laptop to my bag for the trip up and then I'm drinking Guinness as a pre-workout beverage. 

So I'm pretty much going to keep my disgustingly detailed planning and goal setting but throwing out most of the expectations I have.  They're either underwhelmed of overwhelmed in a different way that I never anticipated.  Lately I'm underwhelmed because I have higher expectations for people but I find that only a few people - generally my friends - ever blow me away. 

Recently I was in NH for the Timberman 70.3 and my grade school reunion.  The high school reunion was a few weeks prior which I skipped and was glad for it.  At the grade school reunion I got to see people I grew up with - some people from the age of 4!  Some of our conversations seemed as though no time had passed and the rest of the time we got to watch our kids play together.  I'm really glad to have made the trip and to have re-connected with a lot of those people - hopefully many will forgive me for not being an insane triathlete for a while! 

So onto the good stuff and there isn't a single mention of poop.

So I'm going to run tomorrow and I'm going to run as I feel which may be slow though I'm guessing the rest of me will be in Z3.  And I won't have any expectations except that I'll start and finish.  So there.  I'll channel Pre and hit the road and woods around my home.  But I'm sure I'll jump over some poop since there are a lot of horses here. 

But I'm excited to run. 

And that is it.  The bare bones of a great sport with a start and end but no expectations in between except to breathe and move forward. 

Then I board a plane on Sunday and will be in London on Monday afternoon where I'll head into the office and work until dinner, then do a business dinner and then get out for a run on Tuesday morning around London.  Then I work all day Tuesday and catch the TGV to Paris at 6pm where I'll arrive in Paris at 11pm - my hotel is right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower.  I have a full day of work on Wednesday in Paris, then dinner out and then I don't have to be anywhere until 5pm on Thursday.  So I'll run a bit in Paris and shop for the girls - I fortunately know where all the great clothes are for girls (and women I suppose, but the kids stuff is way cheaper).  I head to Munich at 5pm and land around 7pm or so.  Dinner in Munich and then a full day of work in Munich at the office and then it's my birthday on Friday - where Oktoberfest is happening! 

I'm not sure what to think about being 'alone' on my birthday - I've always been around friends and family but I suspect there is a relative over there somewhere.  It seems sad but I'm tossing out my expectations and hope it will rock or whatever Germans do.  I also hope the Scorpions are playing. 

Sorry this post wasn't funny and probably boring.  I'll work on it - when I run or ride I get lots of ideas.  I'll work on a photo theme while I'm on the road.  Either 'Americans who shouldn't be abroad' or 'we should have more of this'. 


The Mail said...

It really is a great blog Lorpeedo. An honest insight into one's world of sport and all the aspects that comes with the territory. Love the posts. Keep it up!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ah, life transitions. They're scary but usually for the best. Hope you find ways to enjoy yours. And happy birthday!