Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bring Out the Dead

I'm not dead, I'm not going to quit blogging and I probably won't stop talking about Z3 except I probably won't be going there anytime soon.  I really am selling my TT bike.  I'll get a new one if I race again, but I probably will see Sada or Piper start a race before I will.  Under Armour said they'd continue to sponsor me because of my calves which isn't a joke.  So if you have cankles or something close to pillow-like flesh below knee, keep working at it because you may one day have wonderful calves and a shoe sponsor since people go 'wow that is awesome' and then look at your shoes.  So there is that. 

So I'm not dead, though I sometimes wish I was right now but then again, I can't be dead and eat shepard's pie.  I love that stuff.  So I'll write more later. 


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