Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st and 10: A Regular Life

image So that is what I am now - a sort of normal, regular person.  I haven't run, swam or ridden a bike in over 2 weeks, well - maybe I did sneak out on the bike for 40k.  Every triathlete is supposed to take an off-season break but I'll probably take and extended one like my friend Travis whose off season included 11 summers and a Bronze Star.  He joined the Army about the time I joined Microsoft.

You'd think that quitting everything cold turkey has drawbacks - so far, only my shrinking legs are about all I've noticed.  I have 2-5 extra hours a day - I don't have to worry about whether my next choice will wreck my workout or where my favorite cycling bibs are.  I don't care if I don't drink enough water and I don't have to go to bed by 9pm or earlier.  I can be at home and focus 100% on what I'm doing instead being that guy you see in movies who nods as their kid shows them something wonderful and great (which isn't really that true, it's just been the picture painted for me - I assume the artist in this case is only painting these pictures with a roller, so the details are a bit mushy or inaccurate or sort of interpreted by the artist).

So now I do regular things and like my friend Chris, I look at training 10-20 hours a week with something between distain mixed with sprinkles of awesomeness.  I'm sure I might even think to myself that those people are sick.  Those triathletes!  Bastards!

I got to watch something like 3 hours of TV yesterday.  I watched about 4 the day before - probably 3-4 quarters of various college ball games and even wore my Texas Football shirt most of the day instead of one of my 3,201 Under Armour breathable tops. I cleaned the garage - which is sort of like shuffling cards more than anything.  Where is all of the Christmas stuff I'll be thinking in a few weeks?  Well, up there, on the floor over there, in the cabinets, and I think somewhere over in these 203 boxes that I didn't label because I swear I would remember the contents of every box I packed.

I taught my daughter Piper (4) how to ride her bike, sort of.  I mean we contracted with Santa to get her the bike (I say 'we' but I probably didn't ask which is fine), I got the saddle all correctly set, put on the helmet and the training wheels and said 'go'.  I'd say for a 4 year old, she got a pretty solid bike fit. 

For months she didn't get that you had to pedal and steer and look forward and use judgment and the brakes. 

Yesterday she just went, a few sputters and a handful of minor crashes or failure to move forward - then she got it.  And then she didn't stop and she rode for 2-3 more hours. 

I also don't sleep.

Like much ever.

Even with Ambien or whatever generic is in the bottle, I sleep until 2:30am and then sort of lay there thinking.  Usually thinking stuff that I can't really clear out of my head.  I slept until 12:30am last night and finally got up at 4:40am because I was told I was keeping people up.  The irony sort of didn't make me laugh. 

So it's 5:29am now and I'm watching a college football game that I recorded and it's actually 2nd and 13. 

It will be a better week.  I also need to figure out if there are any cheerleaders better than what University of Oregon is fielding. By better I mean more awesomer.  I'm sure the SEC has something to challenge.


Greg Remaly said...

At first glance, I thought it was a picture of a JV cheerleading squad and that you were a pedophile. Is it just me or do they look too young to be college aged?

I get to live like that for 2-4 weeks (the off-season) each year - it's great for a while, and then I get restless and shiftless and realize I'm much better off with a lot of training in my life. But I'm not married with kids and a full-time job.

Kris said...

I don't sleep either if I don't do a serious number of miles a day. 3-4 hours of sleep at most. On the long weekend I came in to work just so I could get a decent night's sleep that night.