Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Summer Vacation in NH

IMG_1332I'm taking a week vacation in NH where I grew up, specifically Greenland, NH.  The week ends after my Timberman 70.3 race - which should be fun since they're forecasting showers or thunderstorms but right now it has been perfect weather. 

It's been sunny, hot (85-92) and humid.  It is only AFTER Greta left today that my parents said 'oh, did you want an air conditioner for your room?". 

The week started with me arriving at 6am on Saturday after NOT sleeping a wink on the red eye from Seattle - and then ended around 1am after I went to my grade school reunion - which was MUCH better than a high school reunion because in this town, I went to school with basically the same 30 kids from kindergarten until we were seniors in high school. 

Facebook makes a reunion a bit less of an unknown because you know who has been divorced, tattooed, smoking, working for the grocery store since 1987, who loves extra helpings and who is happy.  Most folks fell into the last part.  I did learn a few things over the past few days:

  • 95% of everyone was recognizable although I apparently look slightly different and I'm guessing, quite stunning
  • at least 5 people asked about my calves, one person asked me what I thought of theirs.  I should have said 'hairy'.  But still pretty impressive. 
  • one kid who tried to pick multiple fights with me while I had a broken neck and was wearing a HALO type device (yes, he wanted to beat up a former quadriplegic) - ended up getting in a car accident, became paralyzed and died some time later.  That my friends is bad karma.  Also don't give me crap. Also don't try and pick fights with people who were released from the hospital only weeks ago. 
  • hot girls usually stay pretty much hot.
  • my wife actually was carded and then denied entrance into a bar, we're not sure if that's worse than getting kicked out (there's a story to this that she'll gladly tell).
  • there isn't a person in my family who can swim without some form of floatation. my next point is to lobby USAT and the WTC for a genetic swim handicap for all future races I do.
  • there isn't record released after 1994 that has made it into any of the radio stations here.  There isn't a since hour where you can't hear: Rush, The Who, Def Leppard, The Police, Guns N Roses, Journey, and Van Halen.  WBLM actually does a good job and is somehow one of the best stations I've ever heard. Like good books, the great music can be played over and over again. 
  • At dinner I actually heard Lionel Ritchie and Journey on Erik Rappolt's stereo.
  • There is no helmet law in NH, so around 95% of the people I've seen riding motor cycles are not wearing helmets.  This also goes for the handful of cyclists I've seen in 5 days.  No helmet.  Live Free or Die is taken to a new level. New Englanders, in more ways than one, are quite hard headed. 
  • My daughter wants to take karate to cut people's heads off, but only pirates who have swords, but really she said, nice people dressed up as pirates who had plastic swords.  I'm not sure where that got us. 
  • There is physically no end to when a kid 4-6 will get tired of being thrown into a pool.  Luckily suppertime pretty much works. 

Then I had to train a little and have had some good runs and rides on my old routes.  It's pretty flat here and despite trying to find all of the climbs, it's hard to go slow on the nice roads - most of my rides have been close to a 22mph avg.  Then runs have been at a decent 6:30-7:30 pace even with temps in the low 90's. I'm getting slightly used to it now.  I had a great open water swim along the coastline - I picked a point that seemed pretty ridiculously far away and then swam there and then most of the way back.  It was truly one of the best swim's I've ever had.  I also think I've seen the fewest number of athletes out - except for New Orleans/Paris/Amsterdam (all tied for =<1 person seen running). 

Below are some shots;

Piper in the pool with her ever present aqua jogging belt. She can run-swim faster than most kids can swim.  Pre would appreciate the miles she has put in so far.  Piper giving her opinion on the carousel at Storyland.  Sada and Piper in their pool attire.  I've never seen more 'pool condiments' on kids quite like what I've got here - aqua jogging belts, swimmies, goggles, snorkels, masks, swim noodles, etc...  The next one is sort of a trick: it's a new england hot dog bun.  The dinner we had at some good friends since I've know from the age of 6 and then lastly, the picture of our kids.  Not a bad lot, but I'm guessing mine are the fastest.

  IMG_1155 IMG_1264  IMG_1319

IMG_1342 IMG_1340 IMG_1347

That's it for now.  Going to sleep with some awesomely cool AC cranked all night. 


MaineSport said...

Yeah, it's been hot up here (I'm from Portland). Good luck @ Timberman.

Kris R said...

I would like to hear the story about getting kicked out of a bar :)

Anonymous said...

I miss the little blondies!!!! I definitely understand the New England Hotdog bun confusion.... they just don't make sense to me it is like an inbread piece of bread, just plain strange!