Friday, August 14, 2009

Jeff Gordon and the Under Armour Spectre II


California Fun Barbie: 'Hey Jeff isn't that the NEW UNDER ARMOUR SPECTRE II"

Jeff Gordon: 'it sure is pretty ladies, 'cept it's a neutral runner and it's faster than y'all are used to, I don't think you or the 48 car could keep up with me'

California Fun Barbie: 'that is amazing, how's the fit?'

Jeff Gordon: 'well, the Footsleeve is WAY better than the first version, did I mention I think the heal cup is even higher - giving me a solid feel when I'm running flat out, foot on the gas going into turn 3 and even uphill on those twisty turny road courses?'

California Fun Barbie: 'well, I can't stop looking at how hot that shoe is, it's almost as beautiful as the Lorpeedo's calves'

Jeff Gordon: 'ha ha, true ladies, true - but did you know that even off road, these shoes get tremendous grip, I threw away my old trail slicks- these babies HUG THE GROUND like a new pair of Goodyears'.

California Fun Barbie: 'that is awesome Jeff, where do you think a pair of pretty girls could get a shoe like that - I love to run fast, like a cheetah and those over-marketed Nike piece of decroded crap pizza cutters they sold me at the department store just seem to promote low road feel and a pair of troubled knees'.

Jeff Gordon: 'get yerself on over to and click 'footwear' and then 'running', they always have specials on their running gear'.


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