Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Ran In Compressions Socks Today

I vowed I never would, then my coach said to.  Then at 6am today I did about 3 months later.  With shorts. 

As I went out the door Greta said in a very sleepy voice, 'you're wearing those?'.  As in those the meant my tall-white-kneecap-length socks.  I said, it's early no one will see.

About 50ft from our driveway, I run into Jilani riding his bike up the hill.  Someone saw.  It's ok, he was training with carbon wheels, which I deem as actually worse than compression socks in public.  But he said they were loaners so I approved it.  He said I ran like a girl, which is fine because I've been passed by a few so hopefully he was referring to Paula Radcliffe or someone fast like that. 

So aside of actually knowing the person who saw me, the run was one of the hardest I've ever done.  Some 4 hours later I'm still sort of hurting and was just able to eat.  Greta said I didn't look so good.  I felt worse.

I ran a warm up of 20 mins, then due to terrain - I ran tempo and after 45 mins I went into my intervals, so that I could run them on the flats instead of rollers (which I would be sure to have my hard efforts ALL down hill - which doesn't seem to be fair and the uphills be my recovery points - still unfair).  Then I did 5,5,4,4,3,3 mins alternating 10k race pace with half marathon race pace (or 6:30 mile to 6:50/7 min mile).  Then tempo.  Not blistering but not slow for being 180lbs.

It hurt but surprisingly, my calves and feet were 100% awesome.  The socks really made my legs feel better and as I had heard, they work incredibly well at protecting the feet from blisters and rubbing and other bad things.  I generally don't have issues unless I'm going harder than a 7:15 pace.  But even still, my feet felt perfect.

In short, they work.  Awesomely.  Because Under Armour doesn't make them - I had to get 2XU.  I think they were $35 or so.  Never pay retail either. 


Jilani said...

I think you insulted the yellowness of my shirt, handlebar tape & tires, btw. You saw them, which was the point. Next time, I'm bringing my camera for an action shot of the socks. :) Oh, and hats off to you for saying good morning to a random cyclist (since you didn't recognize me at first) - I've learned the hard way that no one does that here. :(

Loren Pokorny said...

I think I said 'you're quite visible'. So long as you're not in a neon yellow vest or jacket, I'll say hi. I actually say hi to nearly 100% of the people out there and get responses from <5%. I try it at work in the elevator and get about the same response rate. I've met more people out on the run or bike than anywhere else - so it's good to be friendly.

Courtenay said...

did you run in a nose strip, bikini bottoms, and a sports bra too?

i'll totally help you shop for full price (which, WHY put on your site that you shouldn't pay full price... sponsors sponsor you to sell their products at full price cause that's how they make money and you get sponsors, duhhhhhh)

Loren Pokorny said...

The point is, there are so many shops out there who are willing to deal on everything these days - you should never pay sticker price. It really has little to do with sponsorship.