Monday, July 6, 2009


I did some great stuff last week - some good riding - about 200 miles or so I think, 120 commuting, 20 racing and then 60 or so of training.  That was the bike. I'm also re-learning the bike commute tricks - like: bring underwear to work because if not you'll be wearing a wet pair of bike shorts for 11 hours, eat before riding 30 miles, know how long the commute is before you schedule a meeting in the AM, don't schedule meetings at 8am when you ride in and don't really know how long a ride it is, fix the bike when it shifts into the spokes instead of continually pulling the chain out of the wheel, don't get bothered by the people who at 6am insist on going 50mph on the highway in the LEFT LANE (bridge) when you know a cop can't possibly be ahead for the next mile because you can go 80mph and then then gesture to you that you're going 'too fast' (it's important to gesture back that you appreciate the feedback and that Jesus loves them too). 

imageFor the 4th we went up to the Port Townsend area of WA - way up there where you see the Border Patrol and Canadian Geese are basically home.  It was awesome.  The roads were wide and magic carpet-like.  The shoulders were good and the people were even better.  A women ran out of her coffee shop to wave at me, which was weird but I'm guessing someone warned her that I'd be rolling through with my calves on fire.  I was shocked by the awesomeness and my watts were on par with those guys sitting at the back of the peloton in the tour, maybe higher. 

It was great to hang out with the family and not spend TOO much time obsessing about training - though I did, I tried to hide it.

We went clamming and boating and ate about 3,000 jellybeans.  Piper ate 2,000 of them. 

I drank a Coors Light and wasn't sure what to think about that.

We also went to a restaurant that closes at 6:30pm and had some pretty slick burgers - see photo below. I only had the one with a single patty.  The double patty ones took 2 days to finish. 

Our dog got fixed.  I think he's still broken.  Now he has fleas. 

Swimming indoors after swimming outdoors is the exact same as flying first class for 10 years and then going back to row 27 in coach (the one next to the toilets).

In Port Townsend they have places with great names: J'eet Yet (small little seafood place) and The Tides Inn (motel).  My mom would love all of the stupid jokes that I'm sure circulate around those places. 

On the way home I stated that I thought ALL four legged animals could swim from birth.  I think this is true but didn't want to get into details.  I did have to answer a few specifics- like could horses or cows or hippos swim?  I said that some probably swim better than others.  I'd be happy to take my chances racing a cow over 1.2 miles - assuming there was a bike leg following the swim (just in case).

Piper stated without a doubt that "dogs could ride bicycles". 


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