Sunday, June 14, 2009


I’ve been having such a good block of training with great improvement so we’ve (me and my coach) have decided to cut out the San Jose Triathlon in a week and keep hammering before doing another blood lactate test.  I did set another power record yesterday which was good – it’s been a while and I haven’t been 100%, so it’s always positive to see improvement. 

Yesterday I rode the Alpine dam loop and was told to get in some climbing – so here’s the profile of the ride – I realized I hadn’t started the computer until I got to Fairfax, so I’m missing about 40 mins as I rode from my house to Camino Alto and up to Fairfax where I met the back end of the Fairfax Festival – which was literally 18 floats all saying they loved trees, a girl in yellow on stilts and 21 bands all playing Grateful Dead covers. Here’s the ride profile, I rode over 4,000 ft.:












I did forget to post the race profile from my race last weekend.  I thought it was hilly until I did the ride yesterday – the race was a whole 306 ft in 16 miles.  Leaving my house I do over 300 feet in .25 mile I think.  The race:












We’re just packing otherwise and getting ready for the move to Seattle.  Today I washed my bikes and wheel sets (I think I have 3 extra wheelsets other than race wheels) – there really isn’t too many things nicer than a clean bike! 

I also need to figure out where I should stay before Vineman 70.3  - any ideas?

In between everything else, I’ve managed to get Macca’s main website launched.  It’s been a ton of work and I didn’t even do the coding.  One fun idea I had that I stole from some of the time I spend working on Lance’s site years ago was to have a ‘wife’s blog’ – so on Macca’s site you’ll see that his wife Emma-Jane writes Emma’s Corner (Lance’s wife Kristin had Kristin’s corner – I’m sooooo creative).  The trouble is that her blog posts are the most popular thing on this site!  It’s pretty fitting that more popular than a 2xWorld Champion’s blog is his wife’s.  Another thing I found out today is that Aussies don’t (some don’t) race with goggles).  I was posting this video and noticed that Murph and Macca weren’t wearing any goggles.  Michael Muprhy is a really nice kid – he’s 19 and is a hell of a swimmer (and triathlete) from Aussie – you’ll see this kid a lot in the future.  He’s just hanging with Macca all spring and trains and races with him full time.  Anyways, here is the video where I saw them race without goggles and had to ask why: – about a min in you’ll see Murphy and Macca. 

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Rik said...

Lactate test, my calves! I know you're just skipping San Jose because you're scared of me ;)

I'll be up in Washington in late July/early August visiting family and I signed up for the Lake Padden Duathlon and the Whidbey Island Tri. You game?