Thursday, June 11, 2009

BBQ’s and Fog

I was out running today – doing a pretty challenging a 3x12 min effort at 6:40-6:50 pace –not terribly hard but a few months ago it would have been.  It was a bit harder since I did a hard ride yesterday with some Computrainer time (which I swear is what hell is like) and some high Z3 watts (280) at 50 rpm.  It’s like walking around the house with two kids holding onto my feet for about 45 mins.  So the run was tough and I finished that. Along the way I smelled lumber which reminded me that I should probably write about a bunch of stuff that I have done or like or love.  I’m sure some of it is probably pretty similar to stuff you have done or thought. 


So here’s what I love:

  • the smell of fresh lumber - try walking in a house under construction
  • riding home after work on a summer day and smelling bbq – a highlight of the Burke Gillman trail in Seattle about 1 mile south of Ben’s house
  • a summer night’s crit at Seward Park – I’ll be doing those starting July 2!  The 6pm is a hoot. 
  • new bike shorts – particularly their first ride
  • nice clean bike tape – I always buy white cork and that is dumb if I like it clean.  I miss the 90’s when we had bright yellow, orange, pink and green too.
  • feeling strong on a nice hard climb
  • passing people on the run
  • passing people with all of the aero stuff on their bikes really fast – like it will break their spirit fast
  • New England roads, particularly those of the NH coast.  There are 40 different ways to get to the same place.  From my parents home there must be run loops of 3, 4, 6, 7 and 10 miles.  None flat, none too hilly.
  • running the same loop a lot.  I have run the loop around Tiburon probably 50 times.  It’s the same route but hardly ever the same.
  • putting on all of the fast stuff and riding fast- disc, front aero wheel, helmet, tri suit – the works
  • a bit of fog or clouds on a really warm day- like 80+.  It needs to clear out – but it’s nice every once and a while
  • new tires
  • a cold chelada after a long hot ride
  • a group ride with good people
  • riding or running or swimming and not missing out on time with my family – maybe they’re at school or shopping or something like that
  • Z3 and Z4
  • my Power Tap
  • sprint races that are run like the big ones
  • good race shirts
  • having finished the Timberman 70.3 with Sada running next to me – I would have never finished that race had I not told her I’d finish with her.  Maybe I would have. 
  • no bad patches in a race
  • not having to run fast or for any other reason than to go for a run
  • running just about anywhere in the fall
  • being out on the hottest day of the year having a great time
  • how a humid day can make you drenched in a short 20 min run
  • drivers who stop if you are on the side of the road – I’ve been given a lift when I had a flat tire, someone turned around when they saw me riding a climb with 1 leg thinking something was wrong
  • commuting by bike
  • riding just about anywhere in California
  • a 1pm master’s swim, outside on a sunny and warm day

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Anonymous said...

it's a good blog from you when "Z3" is mentioned more than once. Good list - glad my powertap made you happy, it's in better hands than mine.