Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Morgan Hill and Macca and Stuff

I did the Morgan Hill triathlon.  I knew it was a race but my legs and heart did not.  I fooled both of them until I just about finished the bike and then I was basically just out in Morgan Hill, CA on a sort of closed road doing an easy run all dressed up fancy with a race number. 

I've been doing a bunch of running but all pretty hard by running I mean about 35 miles a week and by hard I mean nearly every mile is <7:30 and most <7:20-7:10 and a few <6:45 pace.  When you're just doing this for a few weeks and you're not getting paid to do this and you weigh 180lbs - it hurts.  But it didn't hurt my legs too much until I did a lactate test and basically couldn't turn the pedals.  So I was a bit beat from that and it showed when I raced.

So here's my power data in case you are dying:


I've seen this data from some of the fast fellows and I'm not going to cut it as a pro - so luckily I have a job that I like doing a lot whose results do not depend on my wattage outputting capabilities.  Only my friends require this of me. 

IMG_0517 So part of the week was dedicated to getting the MaccaX founding fathers together for a dinner near San Jose and to talk about next steps for MaccaX.  We're all very excited but all have a ton of work to do.  We had a great dinner and got to meet the poor sod who is going to be Macca's punching bag while he does a Europe training camp for the next 6 weeks before the Ironman European champs.   Michael Murphy is all of 19 but is one of those freak swimmers who can also bike and run.  He led most of Aussie 70.3 until Crowie passed him with about 1k to go - so he's talented and a nice guy. 

He couldn't even have a glass of wine - but the waitress slipped him some port by saying 'here are some glasses of port take one if you'd like'. 

The boys then stayed in Morgan Hill, home of Specialized for a swim the next day some riding and then on Sat I think more swimming, a 5.5 hour ride and 1 hour run.  I did a 1 hour spin and a 1 hour run over 2 days. 

Got to the race - had everything set to go and hoped that the rest I had from Fri to Sun AM would help - it did sort of.  I know that revving up the heart too much takes more than a few days to recover from - but figured I could hold it off for 1.5 hours and had expected to see the top 5 by the end of the race. 

Despite my swimming efforts - I'm just swimming straighter and with less effort - but no faster and this is apparently not just limited to me since I went from 39th percentile last year in the swim to the 54th percentile.  It's nice to be better than the mean.  But I wasn't even allowed to be average as a kid, so I'm not necessarily happy with the mean either. 

I had a decent transition and got out on the bike.  I knew my avg. speed last year was 22.8mph - so I knew I could beat that.  I held just over 23mph for most of the course until the final few miles that killed me.  I was over-geared for the .5 mile climb and lost time there.  Turns out I finished in 22.1mph this year.  Lame.  The good news is that my HR for the bike was about 10 beats lower this year and the effort. I then zipped out from T2 where I had the same time as Macca - a former ITU World Champ - and got out onto the run.  I didn't feel great - so I just ran to get it over and pushed when I started feeling better.  I got in two 6:30 miles and the effort felt pretty easy and 5 miles was over in no time.  I then went over to visit with Scott who is Macca's agent as Macca had to spend the next hour doing interviews with Clifbar - which was pretty interesting to watch.

Below are a few snappies Scott took: 1) My bike and Macca's bike.  Both awesome but I like mine more 2) Scott (black outfit) and the Clifbar guys 3) Macca doing the interviews on the shores of the UVAS Resevoir 4) More of the same 5) more of #4 6) The swim at UVAS 7) the race finish - which fell before I got to it - so they had 3 guys holding it up 8) me heading off to pick up my race packet.

IMG_0516 IMG_0515 IMG_0514 IMG_0513 IMG_0512 IMG_0508 IMG_0507 IMG_0504

Under Armour did send me one of their new tri suits which is what Macca wore a few weeks ago - they've been an incredibly awesome company to be sponsored by - lots of great products and surprises all of the time in the mail, ok some of those I order - always with a goodie for the ladies (be sure if you see them, compliment Greta on her sweet pink and white slides from UA).  It's the same kit we'll be using for some select MaccaX athletes at Kona and Clearwater.  It's a good looking suit - here's the kit:


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