Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Like Smaller Green Butts

I keep forgetting to post the picture that may have got me killed or at the very least, maimed by a Rascal. 

We go to Disneyland/World 1-2 times a year with the girls or at least aim to get there that much.  More recently I've noticed a greater percentage of people who aren't even walking around Disney anymore - they use motorized carts.  I've been paralyzed - so I know that some people need these chairs but this was not the general rider we'd see on these electric hot rods.  Most of the meals we had at Disneyland were 1 adult meal and 1 kid's meal split between the 4 of us - maybe a side of something if we were hungry - but the calories and portions they offered were way beyond anything any of us needed.  So as we were walking out of the park, I saw another super-sized Disney fan zooming around us.  The kicker was the full sized package of Oreo's she was sporting in the front basket.  So here's probably the least sensitive picture I've ever taken:


I took the picture and immediate turned to take a picture of a tree that had some lights in it so she didn't think I was taking a picture of her.  Because that would have been insensitive.

The double denim is also insensitive.


See.  Oreos. 

Then I was in Seattle last week and noticed how much larger people seemed to be.  I know that Seattle takes great pride in their liberal and environmentally-friendly thinking - but isn't obesity (or generally being more than a few lbs over weight) wasteful of natural resources?  Assuming you weigh 20lbs more than you should.  Over the course of an average year of weekly commutes, you'd be forcing your cars to pull an extra 7 tons of weight - I'm not even considering traffic, distance, elevation, etc...  That can't be environmentally friendly. 

When we move there I'll commute to work by bike as much as possible.  Because I want a small green butt.  So there.


Ben said...

We need the extra weight for insulation against the harsh elements. Where else can you find people outside in mini skirts and tank tops when it's 60 out?

Loren Pokorny said...

Mr Collins, you might have the smallest amount of insulation of anyone in the Seattle except for the U of W track team and a handful of Cat 1 cyclists and of course, Sada.

Sarah said...

Apparently the number of obese people in America now outnumbers the number of merely 'overweight' people. Wow.

At least the people in Disneyland had clothes on. Don't get me started on all of the obese people I saw in Cozumel. Ugh.

Then I started wondering on our flight out there (as I had to take a seat next to the very large man and couldn't sleep on the red-eye because of his impinging on my sleep space), should we be concerned with our airplanes and all the extra weight they're having to carry around?

Nice photo.