Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give Me Pamprin or Give Me Death

I swear that no matter what I do – I’m sore and tired and at times unmotivated – not to mention, not improving.  But I must be.  I have to be.  I’ve even dropped 10 lbs. 

BandW1I’ve been spending a LOT of time at night or early morning or weekends working on the MaccaX project – the first part of which was to get Macca’s new site launched.  We started working on the project a few weeks ago with very few requirements from Macca and Scott his agent.  It had to be a full-blown publishing platform to support blogs, news, a schedule, video, photos, audio interviews, a sponsor page, etc…  We finally got it launched early Wednesday AM and had the bugs out by Thursday AM.  The key for MaccaX is to use Macca’s main site to help drive traffic.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  We’re also working with Martin Sundberg who also helped me figure out how people make those black and white photos with the color focus point – so he helped me make this for Macca, it’s actually pretty easy with Photoshop and took about 5 mins. 

I’m just about done with my run focus – it’s helped my running a lot and has been fun but it’s killed my cycling.  I have also started doing track workouts – which have been fun – but also hard since I’ve never done them.  I generally do the following:

Warm up – 2 EZ miles then go into 800 w/accelerations on the straights and then jog the corners.  I then go into the main set of 1200 at about a 1:30 pace per 400 and then recovery w/800 at about 1:38-1:42 pace per 400. My HR hit 196 on lap 2 of the 2nd set –so I chilled a little and had to throw in an easy 200 before getting back on it.  Greta made me coffee before my workout and I think it was full caff!  Afterwards I spent some time checking on a few friends racing the Honu 70.3:  Rhae (3rd overall), Ian and Richard. 

Today (Sunday), I had 3 hours w/hills- so I rode up a lot.  My Specialized Transition S-Works isn’t the lightest bike in the world – but it’s incredibly stiff and very comfortable, so I rode it.  I did spend about 50% of my time climbing in the trays (aerobars) – which didn’t feel bad and definitely makes a difference on race day.  The ride started off here in Tiburon where it was about 60 and cool, then as I rode over Camino Alto (about a 7 min climb)-it warmed up a bit and continued to improve until I started the climb up Mt Tam.  It got cloudy, cool and then as I reached the summit it was cloudy, rainy and visibility was so low that you couldn’t see 10 feet in front.  I continued on to the 7 sisters and then descended down towards Muir Woods where I added a bit more to the ride and then saw nothing but sun and blue skies.  For a final few miles-I added in the climb of Camino Alto one more time and then headed home where I was aided by a nice tailwind helping me push 25-29mph back into Tiburon.  Only once on the climb after passing a guy with a University of Colorado jersey did I push it hard to the point where I started to go into a dark tunnel.  After all, he tried to pass me. 

I’ve got a short race coming up on Saturday in Rancho Seco where I think I’ve finished 5th, 4th and 3rd in past races – so I’m looking forward to having fun and going as hard as possible – recruiting some of that run speed I’ve been working hard to find.  On Sunday Sada turns 6, well-not really but her birthday party is Sunday.  I might be able to squeeze in a bike and run before the party if I get up early enough. 

The on the 21st (I think) I’ve got the San Jose Triathlon – which I should probably sign up for.  I’d guess that I’ll see Kelly there since she is at all things that involve a triathlon or running.  Then almost immediately afterwards begins a very busy summer and fall:

  • moving to Seattle on the 26th (actually the movers are doing this)
  • driving 4 animals and a small U-Haul to Seattle from Tiburon on the 28th.  No rest, 1 shot. 
  • Flying back down to Tiburon and then race Vineman 70.3 – then driving the car back to Seattle
  • Finding a house in early August
  • Flying to east cost to visit my family in August and to race Timberman 70.3
  • Moving into a house and getting Sada and Piper into school
  • Racing bikes every Thursday night in Seattle and racing the occasional 5k, 10k or half marathon as I can find them or some road racing (I’m a Cat 3)
  • Going to Kona to watch Ian and a bunch of friends (Macca, Rhae, Richard, Erich) race the IM World Champs
  • Hopefully going to Clearwater a few weeks later for the 70.3 World Champs and visiting Disneyworld with the girls

Somewhere in there I’ve got to likely visit: London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Munich for work.


Kelly said...

yeah, i dont know if im going to do san jose.

god, everyone's moving to seattle. sounds lame.

Soda said...

1. where is my birthday invite?
2. I am racing lake stevens will I have a place to stay?
3. can I drive your car around?
4. will you take me with you to London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Munich??? I can play sherpa!!!

Loren Pokorny said...

1) it's a bowling birthday party. you've had one - if not, you missed out on something very American.
2) we won't have a home until September. not sure when Lake Stevens is.
3) ha, no - I'll be using it to commute by myself like everyone else in Seattle
4)luckily for work I only have to bring a black sweater, 1 pair of jeans and a laptop.

Sarah said...

Kelly is also at all things bike-racing related, too. I was surprised to see her cheering me on at the Berkeley Road Race a few weeks ago.

The Macca X site is just a fill-in-form thing right now, right?

BTW your link to Macca's main page is missing the 'p' in "champion". Just FYI.

Sarah said...

OH and good for you for doing track workouts. They're awesome! They suck but they're so good for speed!

Soda said...

I never had a bowling birthday, been to 1 or 2 or 10 but never one of my own. Still not a good reason for NO invitation and I am a kick ass bowler, I could kick your ass in it. So can I come?

Ugh, where am I going to stay for Lake Stevens?!?!?!