Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Track Meet

IMG_0451 I haven't written in a while - I feel bad.  I have been getting in nearly 100% of my training - so my focus on being consistent has been helping.  I'm reading Mark Allen's book 'Fit Body, Fit Soul' - with some hope that I'll find some good tricks to help with consistency and focus.  So far it's pretty good - but a little on the odd or earthy side.  There have been a few takeaways that have been helpful - but my favorite two have been the following:

  1. Does this get me to my goal.  Basically this is a good question to ask yourself just about anytime you do anything - whether it's work or life or family or training.  If your goal is to drop 10lbs (as it is mine) - every time I go to eat I stop and ask 'will this food get me to my goal of losing 10lbs'.  More than once I've walked out of kitchen empty handed. 
  2. Just do 5 mins of the workout.  If you really don't want to workout - this one is good.  Mark says no matter how you feel, give yourself 5 minutes of the planned workout before you officially call it quits.  Don't want to do the brick run after a hard ride - just commit to 5 mins.  More than once I've found myself in this position and honestly forgot that I was thinking of skipping or postponing a workout.  Just get out for 5 mins and then decide. 

Greta was in San Diego and so I had the girls all weekend to myself.  This meant hiking and of course, a family track meet.  Both Sada and Piper and Jack (the 1kg dog) love to hike, so we got out early on Sat AM and did about a 1.5 mile hike on Mt Tam.  

IMG_0445 Stitch

The girls ran for the first 1/4 mile up the hill and I chased.  You can see from the photo at the top that they're actually running on the trail!  The kids do like to stop and have a break about every 5 minutes and we had to stop at a lot of 'the most beautiful flower I have ever seen' about 32,039 times.  Jack tried to water every single plant alive and Piper hiked nearly the whole time eating raisins, corn pops and chocolate chips.   It was still fun and they took a nap for close to 2.5 hours after. 

On Sunday AM I thought it would be fun to head over to Mt Tam to run on the track. 

The girls started off with a 1/4 mile run.  Sada ran in lane 7 and Piper in lane 8. 

The first 100 went fine and then Piper lost focus and turned around to wave and then got to it.  Sada ran solid and just kept chugging.  Piper drifted from lane 8 to lane 3 and back - but still kept running.  Before I knew it Sada has finished in 2.27 and Piper in 3:03 (which included stopping twice to wave to me).  I was impressed and told them both how proud I was.  They wanted about 21 high-fives and then wanted to run some 100's.  Sada did 4 of them all under 30 seconds - which I thought was pretty good for age 5.  Piper did one and found the long jump sand pit at the end of the track and took off her shoes and played in the sand instead.  Pre would have not been impressed.

Piper did finish up the morning with a barefoot 100 and she ran like a Kenyan. 

I'm now on my 3rd week of a 6 week run focus - which is about 35 miles a week - with focus on running by pace and not heart rate.  I've knocked about 15 seconds per mile off my long run pace and now my easy runs are 7:20 pace for 8 miles or so - including some decent climbing.  My longer runs of 11+ miles are seeing a pace around 7:30-7:40 which are really quite easy.  I am also doing some faster stuff and have been knocking off some decent (for a big cow) sessions and getting in stuff in the 6 min mile to 6:40 pace. 

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