Saturday, May 2, 2009

2 Triathlon 2 Hour Data Profile

If you don’t want to read about Z3 and Z4 or look at charts, then you can just use my cool new voting feature at the bottom of my posts.  Otherwise, keep reading….

Oh yeah, last Sunday I set a new 120 min power record on my Power Tap.  It was a hard 3.5 hour ride with lots of Z3/Z4 intervals and a high avg of Z2.  I finished up the ride w/ an average of 247w. 

Super sexy stuff here – below is my HR from the super-sprint triathlon – nothing too exciting – w/a 200 yard swim – my HR was up for about 2 minutes before I got out and ran to T1.  From there  - I held a pretty even effort – only slowing down a bit for 2 downhills.  I then went out on the run which was pretty flat and then I just coasted in since I didn’t see anyone behind me.  The bike was all Z3 and Z4 and the run was Z3.















Here is the 2nd race where I clearly lollygaggd through the swim – clearly an area I need to work on, sometimes I think I’m going ok – but I’m obviously just paddling along having a relaxing bath.  Then you can see me run up to T1 with the big jump around 17 minutes and another as I hop on the bike and up a small hill to the bike course.  Lap 1 on the bike was easier than Lap 2 – my legs felt slightly better on lap 2 and I was about to push a little harder.  My 2nd run of the day clearly saw me push much harder.  Mile 1 for both races was the same and then it went into a very hilly and sandy mile 2-4.  I had a little patch of laziness around 1:17 and then pushed on to finish strong.  I spent almost 6 mins in Z5 in the 2nd race, but no time there in the 1st.  My avg. HR was 165 and 164 for the 2 races.  My HR for Vineman 70.3 was 168 – so after working on some intensity and speed over the next few weeks, I should be much more comfortable at those higher outputs. 


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Ben said...

your "cool" new voting feature lacks a very much needed "I don't care" category for posts like this one. Then again, someone already marked it as cool, so I guess you have an audience. I prefer the blogs about undies in the trees, Sada and Piper, or how you managed to lose 50 pounds in a year and compete in triathlons without even being offered a spot on the "biggest loser" tv show.