Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lorpeedo Update

IMG_0344 So this post isn't about anything but racing and training! 

I don't have any races for 2 weeks - but will be at the UVAS race in Morgan Hill, CA - home of Specialized bikes!  It's a short race - .5 mile swim/17mile bike or so and then a 4 or 5 mile run.  I think the last time I did it - I took 7 mins off my time - I might do that again. 

In the meantime I've been doing a lot of work on my intensity - swim, bike and run. 

The bike work has been at Endurance Performance Training Center where my coach Tim Flemming beats the snot out of me w/16x30 second efforts at 450+ watts w/1min recoveries. There's a bit of a break between the first and second half - but it mostly just prolongs the whole thing.  By the end I'm about as tired as I am at the end of a long race and then I get to do a mock T2 and go for a 30 min run w/ 10 mins of warm up (7:30 mile or so) and the 10 mins of tempo 6:30+ speed and then 10 of cool down (7:30 again). 

On Saturdays I'm doing a 3.5 hour ride each week where every 45 minutes I do a Z3 tempo for 15 mins followed by 2 mins in Z4 (currently 260-280w, then 300w).  By the time I'm done - I'm pretty beat.  Then the next day I get to do the same sort of thing but running for 90 mins - which is about 11-12 miles w/a 7:30 pace or faster (generally faster). 

I'm also doing some fartlek runs w/ 3-2-1 mins at increasing intensity Z3, Z4 and Z5.  By the time I get to the 1 minute I can't run any faster than my legs will go - so I must images of Ben doing these workouts and know that I can always squeeze a little bit more effort out.  I figure if it hurts really bad then it's going good.  I just hope that the guys I race against aren't pushing that last little bit.  I do this about 2x a week over the course of an hour run. 

Then there's swimming, where I think I'm getting faster but by the time we get to the 2nd half of the workout - I'm slowing down.  So I keep pressing.  But I did (along with everyone else in the 3 lanes I swim with) got spanked by a woman who was about 4 months pregnant.  I keep at it.  I did swim with a triathlon specific group when I was in Seattle last week which was nice - we got to do drafting and sighting instead of breast and backstroke.  I'll probably focus more on swimming freestyle - some of our workouts with masters might only be 50% freestyle and I'm barely adequate at that stroke. 

I'm also 2 weeks into a 6 week run focus - so I'm doing 32-35 miles which for someone with 2 kids, 2 other sports a full time job and a new company - it's plenty.  I do like getting in about 4 hours of running - it starts to feel like I'm making some progress and getting faster - so I'm anxious to keep at it. 

The last piece is our new company:  MaccaX.  We're finally getting that launched soon - at least the landing page is up!  It's a partnership with Chris McCormack, his agent Scott Fairchild (owner of Fairchild Management Group) and my friend Ian Charles.  The first part of this is getting Macca's personal site rebuilt - something Greta and I are doing in the wee hours of the morning or at night.  It's going to be the best site you've ever seen for a cyclist or triathlete.  We should have that done in a week or less.  Once that's up, we'll get MaccaX launched. 

MaccaX_logo_final (2)

If you want to learn more about MaccaX, here are some words from Macca on it:

"For those of you interested make sure you pop past the MaccaX site and register your interest. You will be very happy that you did as we are set to launch in a few weeks and those who register first will go into the draw to win some great prizes. It only takes a a few seconds and the new site is going to be a huge asset to many people out there who are interested in the things we do and some of the key workouts we use. I am really excited about our site and after years of getting feedback from thousands of athletes and what they are looking for, I am stoked to have a team around me that has the know how to build a site that will meet this huge demand without the extensive costs of some of the other information or coaching platforms."

For those who end up signing on with us, there will be tons of other great ongoing schwag from amazing companies like Zipp, Under Armour clothing and shoes, Orca wetsuits, Profile Design, Clif Bar, Specialized, Sram, etc.

We hope to have some athletes in Kona this year - hopefully Rhae Shaw and Erich Wegscheider will be there and do very well.  Erich is a very fast kid I met at the airport while we both waited for our Specialzed Transitions to be delivered off of the plane from New Orleans.  Not only is he a triathlete - but he's an Oregon Duck!  Check out his impressive results in only 2 years of racing triathlons and his blog.

Photo: this is a picture I took while going about 80mph while driving home from Disneyland a few weeks ago.  We were somewhere near Livermore, CA.


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