Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I Won't Wear Those Socks

When I was in jr. high - the rage was these parachute pants, the music was Michael Jackson and I'm sure there was something else. 

My mom refused to get me parachute pants.  She said they were a trend and amazingly, she was right.  I'm surprised at how much parents know and then I became one and it's really just experience and some good sense. 

I did love Izod stuff and owned the preppy handbook when I was about 8.  That sort of turned into Ralph Lauren and I sort of did that trend and probably own, aside of all my spandex and exercise friendly fabric-ed clothing, mostly stuff with a Polo guy on it.  Somewhere in between I wanted to be a surfer and owned a lot of Op stuff (Ocean Pacific) too. 

My wife probably hates that I'm about as trendy as Clark Griswold.  I try to get quality and timeless stuff instead of trendy - Greta has this house covered with being in style.  I used to go to Europe and got the girls stuff when I was there and then 1.5 years later you could get it here.  When Sada was 2, she had more clothes from Madrid, Paris and Stockholm than from the US.  She was cool.  It also helps that she's cute and awesome and a piece of tape would look cute on her.  Same with Piper and Greta but I'd prefer none of them wore just tape. 

When I was 18 and racing duathlon/triathlon the rage was a lot of neon.  I had a pink disc wheel, neon green handlebar tape on my Scott DH bars and I had a lot of bright green and pink Nike cycling stuff (their east coast hq was in my town and I got LOTS of nike stuff) AND I owned and ran and rode in Oakley Factory Pilots- THEY WERE AWESOME. There is one photo of me before a 5k in my Pink (Neon) Nike running kit with neon green and yellow and white racing flats.  I dont' have it though - my mom does.  I'll have to find it.

Now there's this thing with those compression socks - see 2 folks below.  I'm sort of with the Euro peleton when it comes to stuff like that - basically, no way.  I shave my legs, wear bright clothing and have just about everything you could possibly buy to go faster in a race.  I don't have an aero water bottom on my down tube - but I think that is ok. 

Though the compression socks 'might' work - I'm not doing it.  I'm not.  Well, maybe until the top 20 guys at New Orleans 70.3 or any race I do are wearing them.  If so, I hope they come in neon yellow.

Here are my two fashion ladies:


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