Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Awesome

I'm not 100% healthy - so I'm just going to chill until I am but that means more time for work and a few mins of yard work (that's all I'm good for).  I might even get to the bike shop to get some new cables for my road bike which I will try to internally route (I think the trick is to use a magnet to help). 

I did ride and run earlier this week and my run was awesome and my ride was awesome.  I ran 10 sec slower per mile for 11 miles than my fastest run of the season - I've only been doing Z1-Z2 stuff for the past few weeks AND on the bike I had to keep shifting down because I could push more! 

I'm going to get better and be 100% and I'm going to have an awesome race in a few weeks.

I didn't sleep well for weeks and then tried using some OTC sleep aids, which work but leave you feeling hung over for a few hours the next day.  Don't even try to get up early using those either.  Soda turned me onto trying some melatonin before bed which doesn't work as well, but I still feel rested and have some pretty whacky dreams which means I'm getting some deep sleep. 

Until I'm 100% I'm going to enjoy the extra time with my girls - including Greta. 

Regardless, I'm keeping it awesome.  Like me.

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