Monday, March 16, 2009

Is This an Injury?

Since I've been sort of not healthy and on antibiotics (again) and on strict orders to take 4 days off - I have been playing some Xbox 360.  I've also been cleaning my bike, the garage and learning the intricacies of routing a shifter cable through an internally cabled frame.  The trick is to send another cable in from the back and out the holes which you then tape the two cables together and pull the new one through.


  1. Put the cable into the shifter correctly.  I didn't and found out I could only shift 2 gears.  Result: recable. try again.
  2. Be sure to put the cable underneath the handlebar and under all the right cables before you start.  Result: recable. try again.
  3. Buy a road shifter cable before starting.  MTN and Road are different despite what the dude at the bike shop says about Dura Ace being too expensive.  Result: 2nd trip to different shop.  try again.

That's it -only 4 tries and one success.  25% isn't that bad.  The guy at the bike shop said good luck and it couldn't be done at home. Kiss it now.

Ok. Back to my injury. 

I always get injured before a race.

At Vineman, or rather 3 days before I flipped over the handlebars, knocked myself into a concussion and bruised a bunch of parts and bones. SO it's only fitting.

Except I have a nerve injury.

In my finger.

And I can't feel the whole end of my index finger.

And I haven't been able to for 3 days.

I played a racing game and my index finger is the one I use for the gas and I played a lot on Friday night.  Now it's Monday and my finger still is numb. 

I once scraped my toe - the tip of the big one - really bad after trying to dismount all awesome and fast at a race last year. 

That had nothing to do with anything.

I'm going to have a good race in New Orleans in 2.5 weeks despite no training and this finger injury.


Greg Remaly said...

I hope you heal quickly from your video game injury. I tutor some students who want to play against you when you're better.

Marc Malott said...

You should play online sometime so I can rock you. 2.5 weeks woot!

Marc Malott said...

You should play online sometime so I can rock you. 2.5 weeks, woot!