Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'll Race the Baby

Our master's swim coach had a baby, his wife did the work but he suffered too.  I know this.  We do suffer - except we don't get our tenders all blown to disrespectful proportions. 

For the past two years I've been swimming on my own. I was prodded into doing a master's group but didn't think I'd survive - so I swam on my own.  Sometimes I'd swim for 20 mins and other times I'd swim for almost 40 mins, but never ever longer - except in races where I think I swam into the low 40s. 

I wore an old tri suit for a while and then Ben made me stop that.  He was right.

I then had him coach me a few times.  That helped.  He was also right and he's a good swim coach - though my legs still apparently go all caddywompus despite the fact that I swear they're together.  SO now I just try and make sure they're touching. 

My longest set was 150 yards and I thought I'd die.  Honestly.

My shortest was like 25.  I think I rested as long as I swam, something like 30 seconds between each set. 

2 years I did this.  I'm also sort of retarded when it comes to swimming.

Then again, I've seen people in the pool before masters and I'm not the worst by far. 

Then I joined a masters group and I swim in the less competitive side of the group.  There are 3 fast lanes who look at the clock and there are 3 lanes who usually find that if you don't look at the coach after a set he won't walk over quickly and give us the new one.  We're still competitive but I usually add 'but I think we did a 200 today' or variations of that for most sets he gives us - hoping he'll offer up some 25s or 50's because I don't get dropped to badly there. 

So now I swim like 3x a week for a whole hour and I don't get 30 second rests except when we're pretending to be in between sets or if we can get the coach to explain something twice. 

Today he brought his baby who is all of 2 weeks old maybe?  I offered to race the baby.  Since the baby wouldn't race me, I took the win. 

I also like swimming and never ever thought I'd say that. 

Now if I can only remember to stay long, reach, pull correctly, head down, feet up, kick small, stay straight, and a few other things - I might get faster. 

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