Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 Weeks and 4 Days

New Orleans 70.3It sounds like a long time to wait before the first half ironman (New Orleans 70.3) of the year but it seems to be too close.

Now that I'm on the mend with antibiotics clearing out my lungs and head - I am back on my regular schedule but with nothing too hard still.  Next weekend I should be able to give my workouts full gas.  I did have a good easy run the other day where I knocked off 11 miles in 7:30 or faster - even got into the 6:45 range, all in low/mid zone 2 effort.  Yesterday's workouts were a struggle due to the antibiotics - felt like I had someone riding on my back throughout my swim and run - but I didn't finish each swim set or mile with a mild coughing attack.  I also didn't actually check my back so it is possible a small person was there.

I need to do some pre-race prep - like find the stuff I'll use, wheels, tires, aero water bottle, etc...

On the to do list over the next week:

  • wash and lube TT bike (I'm riding it all the time now, so I may have to do this twice)
  • get bike box for shipping
  • glue tubulars
  • get glue to glue tubulars
  • wash aero bottle (it's full of black muck)
  • find spare tire and stuff for race day
  • get TT helmet, bike shoes, etc.. (it's all somewhere in the garage)
  • check travel again - I've been known to show up a day late or early for my flight or on the wrong side of the day (10 am vs 10 pm)
  • bring garmin nav system for car
  • print out where I'm staying
  • bring camera
  • figure out what shoes I'm racing in
  • find tri suit, swim stuff
  • put all nutritional stuff into baggies
  • find thingy used to inflate disc wheel
  • figure out pump solution - do I really bring a floor pump - ideas?  It's hard to get 140lbs into a tire with a hand pump.  I also suppose there might be one local who will bring a pump that I could use.  just maybe.
  • pack race wheels which I carry on (a great tip from - plus a lot of kids ask what is in the bag and you can talk all about triathlons and be a super hero for a few minutes

Not to mention, learn how to swim, run faster and bike 56 miles all hunched over. I'm nervous already but not for anything but that's what you do - get nervous.  It's not my first race and it won't be my last - I suppose it's the fact that I've been training since October for this first race and will be anxious to get going. 

How fast will I go is the question I ask myself a lot.

Last year I had expectations at Oceanside 70.3 and got killed.  I had done too little and too much, I had never raced the distance and I didn't know about salt pills.  I also raced in shoes I had never raced in before.  Ugh.  I'm retarded sometimes.

Last year:

  • swims:38-41 mins
  • bike: 2:40-2:30
  • run: 1:36-1:39

This year:

  • swims: <35 mins
  • bike <2:30
  • run <1:35 and hopefully under 1:30 by Vineman 70.3

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Greg Remaly said...

just bring a handpump. that will get you by until you find someone with a real pump.

your goals should be challenging, so don't worry. they're goals, not expectations.