Monday, March 9, 2009

2 Questions: Where's your Trophy and What's in my Bum?

I haven't written much because I've been busy working, being a dad or training.  I'm also lazy and don't do yard work but I did clean my bike and snapped my rear derailleur cable (which was better to do in my garage than on the wrong side of Mt. Tam). 

I'm healing up now that Ian's wife talked me into going to the doctor.  All she really said is my sister has your cold and found out she had bronchitis.  I'm already healing on day 2.  This is good - training with a system on antibiotics is harder to do but easier than training with bronchitis and sinusitis (this is what the doctor said I had). 

The Dr. appt took the following time:

  • 2 months for me to finally decide I wasn't getting over it
  • 15 mins of waiting in the urgent care clinic yesterday AM (I was banking on the fact that people couldn't get up at 8:30am on daylight savings day to make it in at 9am)
  • 2 mins of paperwork
  • 15 mins of chatting with a nurse
  • 10 mins of waiting for the doctor
  • the doctor came in and I said "I get the same cold every year and get zpac and them I'm better"
  • 2 seconds later he said, 'ok I'll get you that'
  • 5 seconds and he was done
  • 30 mins to get prescription filled

Next year, I'll go in on like day 3 and just say I've been sick for a month.  I think this is the 3rd year in a row I've been sick at this same exact time of year.

Last night we were watching something with the girls and a kid had won a trophy.  Sada asked me if I had ever won a trophy won a bike race and I said no.  I'm not sure if that's true because I think I won a tt or two years ago but don't remember.  She said that was sad.  I pointed out that the garage had a bunch of trophies from when I raced cars - including a track championship.  That didn't hold any weight and she began to make up a song about how it was sad that her dad didn't win a bike race.  I stopped her on the 2nd verse of 'it's sooooooo sad that my dad has nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooottttttttttt won a bike race, he doesn't have a trophy.....'.  I should have pointed out that a year or so ago she called trophies - tro-pees. 


I rode 3 hours on sat, even though I was sick.  It was close to my record pace - which was nice since I wasn't going that hard and I thought it would be fun to do 3 hours on 2 gels. 

I survived but barely and I was sort of hungry but I wanted to see how many calories I could put into my drink and how few gels I'd need.  I probably need to race with 3-4 gels on the bike and 2 bottles of water/drink. 

In the 2nd half of the ride my butt hurt.  Like I had a splinter in it.  But not IN my rear, but sort of where you sit which isn't really anywhere you can ask someone about.

So I finished with a few grimaces and then got home and took a shower.

But of course I had to see what was hurting.

Without posting any pictures, I sort of had to go all yoga style in the bathroom trying too see where it hurt - which is impossible without smoke or mirrors.

But enough deep breathing I was able to see what hurt and it was a saddle sore and it hurt and it was angry.

Then my arms and back and legs and neck got all spazzy from trying too look for too long at my under-carriage and I needed a nap.

Good news: I taught it a lesson.  Bad news: the lesson it taught me was gross.  I'm glad I don't have to ride again until Wednesday.

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Kelly said...

from experience if you go into the dr and tell them you know that you're going to be sick for a really long time because you got sick before, they dont buy it. bunch fo quacks