Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Whoopin

I did get one Saturday on a 63 miler.  I did a group ride but there were a lot fewer casual riders and maybe 8 of us total – so hopefully, I thought, this would be a ride with a faster pace and some good efforts.  I finally brought my TT bike out on the road – but I didn’t bring my hill climbing gears (12-27) and had an 11-23 instead, I figured I’d just suffer and catch on.  3 of us also had TT bikes which would mean some good ‘this will kill you’ efforts once we got out into the flat area near the Nicasio Reservoir.  I learned that one of the guys with the TT bikes was Matt Lieto- one of the many Kswiss sponsored pros. 

We had a great rollout and didn’t waste a ton of time waiting for folks. We hit climb #1 and I felt pretty good despite having done a few hill climb efforts the day before.


See: hill repeats – you just can’t see the rain.  each climb was 8 mins up and 3 mins down.  Guess what zone?  That’s right Z3 or 300w.  It’s actually getting easier.   If you could read that bubble – it says 50rpm (the goal is to ride 45-55 rpm), HR 170. 

image image


3 of the ladies on the ride got dropped and Matt went back to get them while I kept going with a few others – there’s always a regroup about 1.25 hours into the ride.  Once we got regrouped – we started throwing down a little and one guy took off AND OF COURSE I have to follow.  Then Matt comes around me like I was going backwards – except I was doing about 26.  So I hopped on his wheel and he just kept going for 5 MORE MILES.  Below is a shot of a point in time where Matt was pulling me:  my speed is 33mph and my HR is 173.






















and here’s another shot from a mile or two down the road: 26mph and hr 171.  Owee.














We eventually re-grouped at 2 hours into the ride and the rest was relatively tame where we rode a solid 22mph or so all the way home.

This was the last of the group rides I’ll do – no guidance from my coach except for ride 3.5 hours and have fun. 

Sat night was spent sampling a wine shipment we got from Cave B wines – which made this morning’s 10.5 mile run a bit rough.  Luckily I was supposed to run easy and ran about a 7:40 pace at the bottom of Z2 – AND my fastest mile was my last. 

I’m looking forward to a long day of work tomorrow and not a single minute of having my HR over 90.


Courtenay said...

you and your cars and human resource complaints, omg.

hi to matt if you see him again!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love reading about cycling at a level that I'll most likely never attain. It's like reading a fantasy. A girl can dream. 22mph is tame? Oh dear.

Soda said...

now I am very very very glad I "decided" to drop and do my own thing. OUCH.