Friday, February 20, 2009

Under Armour Revenants: Like a Hug for Your Sole

I got my new Under Armour Revenants (they're running shoes) a few weeks ago - I've had them for almost a month now and have put about 100 miles on them - I would have done more but I got sick and haven't been able to run for a week.

For the past 2.5 years after suffering 2 stress fractures - I have only run in what I refer to as my 'Old Man Sneakers' aka my Brooks Addictions. I got the Brooks because I have flat feet and need a motion control shoe - they kept everything straight but I would replace them every 300 miles or every 3 months. Most of my past pair of Brooks are still almost brand new - because I only wear them running because they're ugly and not too comfy to wear outside of a run.

Sorry - back to the Revenants...


My Revenants: Resting comfortably on the bed.

I don't really know what the name of the shoe means: REVENANT, I"ll have to find out- but they're awesome - it probably means that plus something like 'made with the essence of Chuck Norris' power and crushing ability'.

I'm just guessing but I'm usually right in these things.

Inserting this later (I like #3 the best): REVENANT from Wikipedia:

  • Revenant (folklore), a folkloric corpse that returns from the grave
  • Revenant (fiction), a creature brought back to life to fulfill a special goal
  • Revenant (band), a death metal band
  • I didn't care for the innersoles that were in the shoes - I generally mess with every pair of innersoles I've ever had, they were too cushy. I put my old innersoles in - sort of like putting a sportier tire on a car, subtle difference - but it makes me happy. Actually, it was like putting really smelly sportier tires on a car - but I'm more concerned with fit and feel and I am at finding or keeping my friends. I hardly ever wear socks and that stinks 'em up good. My dog loves them.

    The shoes run true to size. In Nike I've worn 11.5, in Brooks 11.5, in Zoot 11 and in KSwiss 10.5. Since I didn't want too much toe room - I got the 11's and they fit perfectly. There isn't a tongue in these shoes - it's a piece of stretchy fabric where you slide your foot into, they call that feature a Footsleeve, I would have called it 'mamas hug for your foot' - my mom gives good hugs but Footsleeve sounds like it would fit better on the shoe.


    My Revenants: Relaxing in a nice chair with the Wall Street Journal.

    I run on road and sometimes the side of the road and sometimes on a trail - in California nothing is dead flat, so each run has at least 600ft of elevation gain and since I live next to the ocean - I also have the same 600ft of descent.

    This means the soles have to have good traction (the Brooks don't but the Kswiss does) AND they have to be flexible enough to climb some steep hills (15-20%+) (the Brooks aren't but the Kwsiss are, but a tick too flexy since my feet generally feel pretty tight after a long climb up) AND they have to have an upper sturdy enough to keep my foot from slamming forward and wrecking my toes which my daughters painted and left them looking like I've been attacked by a very very small serial killer.

    Note: I let them paint my toes because Greta wasn't home and it takes them about 30 mins and I know that i can take that paint off before I swim but sometimes I've forgotten to do that in the past and feel quite awkward on the pool deck.



    My Revenants: Shoes that run even better than they look and they might get this pretty little lady.

    The Revenants, despite their somewhat cryptic and mystical name do the following:

    • Fit well, true to size
    • Have a sold ride for a runner who needs a neutral shoe - but not overkill
    • Work well on trails and even better on the road - no matter what direction you're headed: up and down and even in between
    • Look awesome
    • Are well ventilated, better than any other shoes I've run in
    • Made by Under Armour, a company that must use the essence of Macca AND Chuck Norris in their materials


    In fact, these are the only running sneakers that I wear all of the time - I just went to a web analyst conference and despite the rest of the crowd wearing nice suits and pointy shoes, I wore my red and black Under Armour Revenants. Which was good because a Nike guy was there wearing some ugly Nikes AND I showed them to a lot of folks with the awkward opening line of cocktail conversation and I'm not kidding:

    Me: hi

    Other person: hi

    Me: did you see my new Under Armour running shoes?

    Other person: "no, (looks down) but they look nice." "I love their (insert UA Product)" OR "my son/daughter has a lot of their stuff".

    Me: yes... (goes into 3 min chat about me me me).

    Other person: but why would I get a shoe from a company that just started making them? (I got that question last night)

    Me: um, you know their clothing is top of the line and they've had athletes testing these for a while, not to mention folks like myself who are providing feedback on them - unlike other companies I've used, they get it, they want you to run in their shoes and they made a superior shoe out the door. They're attention to detail and style are industry leading, rather than having great style but no substance. For instance, the Footsleeve, which provides a solid fit and provides a secure ride fits so nicely that I barely have to even tie the laces - which by the way are perfectly cut to be not too long nor too short. How many times have my old Nike's had the tongue slide over during a run and then had to be adjusted, about 3,200,209.

    Nevertheless, I don't think I freaked anyone out - 100% percent of the people I spoke with gave me their business card. I suggest you look at your sneakers and decide whether or not you could wear them to your next business conference and start conversations with 'have you seen my new (shoe on your foot)'. Ben Collins, Chris and Matt Lieto are not included here.

    In conclusion - if you need something new for your foot and run in a motion control shoe that you won't be embarrassed to wear after you're done - try the Under Armour Revenant .


    Maijaleena said...

    I read on Courtenay's blog that you are reading Bill Bowerman's biography. Have you read Pre's bio? That's a good one too. I went to U of O, a lot of interesting running history there.

    Courtenay said...

    feel free to not approve this... i tried them on today and was not a fan. mainly because there was SO MUCH SHOE under my heel, i mean wtf and is that really necessary. it's not like we are looking for moon boots here, god.

    but they were cool-looking. the girls' ones are grey and green.

    i got saucony's instead.

    Sarah said...

    You take pictures of just about everything...your calves...your kids...their barbies...BUT YOU WOULDN'T TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR PAINTED TOENAILS????