Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Ride to Suckville


The past 3 days of workouts have sucked.  First Satan tripped me on my run the other day - then I got all geared up to take my TT bike out a ride on Saturday.  3 hours and about 50+ miles to cover - I even was up at 6am so I could be on the road and home by 10:15 so Greta could take Sada to a birthday party.  I was actually going to ride pretty easy with no Power Tap - just ride as  I felt - which hopefully wasn't like a slug or a turd. 

I get about 20 mins down the road and I feel a thump, thump, thump - but no flat, my tires had air in it.  Something must have been rubbing - so I stopped.  THERE'S A BIG FAT BLACK TACK in my tire.  The tire didn't lose any or much air because I've got a pair of Dura Ace wheels that work with tubeless tires - so as long as there is a decent seal even with a regular tire - it holds air for a little bit.  I pulled the tack out and there went the air. 

Soda had JUST got me 3 new tubes the day before - this must have been karma, I always got flats when I had a bunch of extras in the garage - but when I've got 1 left - I am fine for months.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that I popped my tire in spin class the other day.  But I patched that and it worked fine - this patched tire was on a different bike.

TTI only had C02 with me since the Transition doesn't really have a great place for a pump or at least the one pump I have - see picture (I've since taken out the water bottle cage and now have a pump there in the middle and use a carbon water bottle thingy behind the seat - which I sort of think is dumb unless you're racing ironman distance races because you never need that much water and in 70.3 races you get water handed to you 3 times on the course if you're that slow (that would give you about 4 big bottles for 56 miles).  Though in a sprint race last year I did see a guy with two big bottles behind his seat - full to the top- for a 14 mile bike. 


So I used the CO2 and replaced the tube. 

Then I got going again.

Then I feel - thump, thump, thump.

AND THERE ARE 2 TACKS in my FRONT WHEEL! Kelly and Courtenay would be issuing a small battalion worth of choice language here. 

So at this point I figure Satan has me again.

He, Satan, told me to leave my cell at home because when is the last time I've called home - never in the past 10 years.

Oh yeah, I didn't get the tube all the way in - cause the tires on this bike are super new and not stretchy and a little bit of tube got caught between the tire and rim.  So I had to deflate the tire, tuck in the tube but having already inflated the tube - I weakened it and when I went to inflate it with my OTHER C02. It exploded. 

So I'm out 2 x C02, 2 tubes, and I've got 2 tacks in my front tire. 

It turns out that someone threw about 2 dozen big black tacks in the bike lane.  I'm sure that person also works for the IRS and I'd like to punch them double.

I limped my bike back towards larkspur where I figured I could find a phone at the racquet club there - but I saw a guy on a bike waiting for some folks to show for a ride. 

It's 8am and I've ridden 20 mins and I'm already calling for a ride. 

I showed the guy my tacks and used his phone to call Greta.  Satan obviously didn't get everybody.

I also flagged a cop down who went and found all of the tacks and got them OUT of the bike lane. 

Then I pulled the tacks out of my front wheel - which was holding air just fine - it just wasn't ride worthy with the thumping and clickity clack of the tacks.

All the air came out in a nice hiss, a rather poignant summary of my ride. 

So I found a patch of sunshine to sit in and I watched Wall-E on my iPOD for 30 mins while I waited.

Then today I figured I'd get out and ride a different bike on a different route.  I got through the tack zone and got to the base of the Alpine Dam climb.  I got my Power Tap to 300w and rode up the hill.  I saw a guy up ahead and got all silly and passed him going 450w but quickly red-lined it and had to go back to 300w - hopefully he didn't see me just about detonate.

Then I got to Alpine Dam - about 35 mins to the bottom of the climb and 30 mins to the dam itself.  Then I rode to the top - but I didn't feel great and my HR was like 170 for much of my ride and I caught a group of guys out riding  but they got all silly and I was doing 350-500w at times which did not feel good - so I sucked it up, let them go and rode a happy 300 to the top.  But I felt bad. 

Then once at the top I got to enjoy a gravel covered descent for only the sharp corners - little gravel left on the straights for some reason.  Just the corners.  As I was rounding one of those super fun big drop high G corners - my back tire exploded.  Which made sense because I only had one tube left and that was it. 

I changed it.  Rode home easy until I saw this guy all kitted up with NO HELMENT who wouldn't stop looking behind him and when we got to the hill that took us over 101 and into Tiburon- I totally punched it and taught him a real lesson.  Turd-riding-helmet-less-white-bootie-wearing jackass. 

I went home, asked Soda to get me a half dozen tubes and took a 2 hour nap with Piper. 

I did set 2 new Power records - a 10 min and 30 min record - so at least I did something despite the flats, turd riders and feeling a bit under the weather.


Kelly said...

hmm, i rode right by your house later saturday, thanks for clearing out the tacks.

these kind of days happen always in a row, that's how it works.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Tough tough day! Sorry to hear it. And what kind of idiot throws tacks into a bike lane? Loser.

Way to bust the white booty wearing showoff. :-)

Courtenay said...

double-u tee eff mate.

are you calling your tires "tired"s on purpose?

Sarah said...

Dude. That SUCKS.

I hate it when people don't wear helmets. Talk about being FREAKIN' IDIOTS, GOSH!!!!