Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate Kids

MOST of you know Sada and Piper - the 2 kids. 

They're awesome and great and fun and a lot of work but not as much as boys are to raise.  The work will come later when Barbies are less important than the local Jr. High Ken or whatever his name is. 

They were pretty much made from the same recipe: 2 same parents, nearly the same time in the oven (they were originally due to be born within 2 days of each other - except different years) and tequila was involved but I'm not sure, there are only rumors about that.

Sada likes to bike and Piper likes to run while we bike. 

Sada changes clothes 3,203 times a day and Piper is content to wear a tank top.  No pants.  This should make her a popular girl. 

October2008 015Sada's hair is straight and Piper's is nothing short of being voted 'most worthy of a mad scientist'. 

Piper will likely be competitive in team sports and Sada will be a superb individual athlete (I've got my eye on cross country). 

They compete to see who can get their jammies on first or who can get out of the tub or who can finish their dinner or who can run the fastest. 

The generally are best friends and sometimes better enemies. 

For Valentines Day they got some peanut butter and chocolate hearts (like the size of your hand).  Piper got hers and just started eating while Sada left hers on the table for after lunch.

I cut a part off for Piper leaving the rest on the counter and she simply thought I was breaking it in two for convenience sake.  She returned to the room after finishing the first half with the 2nd.  Sada took a piece and finished it and didn't ask for more.  Today at lunch Sada got another piece but didn't want to finish it, placing it on the shelf, while Piper hounded down the last few morsels of her candy. 

I thought it was funny but thought they were both great kids for being so different.  I'm probably a lot like that with Greta - since we don't have much in common except for our house, our inability to buy a reasonable car and our love of movies.  She is an artist who can't divide 2 numbers but I can be told a story about the goal of a business and figure out what the numbers and all of their components need to be - but don't ask me to design a square. 

In case you wondered how this is related to triathlon - it really isn't except it is really hard to go out and train for 3-4 hours and leave these kids and my wife behind - except I wouldn't be happy and I'd have to run around the house 3,219 times in order to burn off the excess energy and I might not appreciate all 3 of them as much as I do. 

I went out for a ride yesterday - finally a short 3 hour or 50 miler and after 2 hours in Z2 with Zone 3 hills (see - I didn't miss a post without Z3) and rode really well.  After 2 hours though I wasn't feeling good and took the final hour easy - riding it in Z1. 

Today I'm home sick with a chest cold but got to spend the full day with all 3 of them and didn't have to worry about getting in a workout.

That was nice but I didn't get faster.  Not like Kristin Sanders fast.

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