Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Other Inconsistent

I’ve almost beaten the inconsistent training issue:

  1. Not getting work done and having to skip a workout
  2. Not getting enough sleep and having to skip a workout
  3. Not doing my workout in the morning and then not wanting to do it later
  4. It’s too cold so I don’t want to swim
  5. I hate swimming so I don’t want to swim
  6. I had a terrible workout and I’m depressed and don’t want to do a workout
  7. I had 2 bottles of wine last night and I really don’t want to do a workout
  8. I think I’ve gone too hard and I need to skip this next workout cause I feel tired
  9. I’ll skip it today and make it up next (insert day here).
  10. I think I’m getting sick so I’ll skip the workout – though it is hard to discern between an oncoming cold and allergies sometimes.

Those are the excuses that kept me from being consistent with my run at the end of last season and it kept me from it again in the pre-season this year.  I also missed a month of swimming because I was tired of being the worst swimmer with no sense of improvement (but I did find that swimming 4x a week at masters for 2-3 weeks will fix that quickly). 

I even did this with a coach but not this year. 

I’ve learned a lot from Ian and Ben – watching them do each and every workout and digging deep when necessary.  Slowly but surely it’s working and I’m past most or all of the excuses and I know my bad habits better.

Now I’m just struggling with what seem to be consistent workouts and I’m not sure this is much different for others. 

For instance:

  • Saturday’s ride was pretty good.  Felt good, strong on hills and flats, didn’t get dropped.
  • Sunday’s run was brutal (see #7) – I did finish 10.5 miles for a Z2 run but it was at the bottom of Z2.  I actually didn’t go too slow (7:40s) but I felt like I was walking.
  • Tuesday’s run was good – 45 mins and even got below 6 min miles for a bit.  Tuesday’s swim felt awful.  Slow and sluggish – tired, but I did it.
  • Wednesday’s spin was rough – I couldn’t turn the pedals and 260w felt like 360w.  I did come around on the final effort but I suffered in the middle a lot.  Wednesday’s swim was good – I didn’t miss a single lap, I wasn’t dead last ever and the 50 and 25 sprints at the end didn’t crush me – I CRUSHED THEM. 

So there, now I’ve got this new inconsistency to face.  I’m trying to eat and drink consistently – sleep seems to be the only component that I’m just having trouble with.  Lots to worry about and sometimes I’m not worried but I’m so excited for the day’s run that I wake up at 2am and can’t sleep until 4am – I can’t stop thinking about my upcoming bike or run (never do I wake up excited for the next day’s swim because I have no idea what to expect). 

So there.


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Sarah said...

That's awesome, Loren. I'm so happy for you that you've been able to beat some of those things we all battle all the time!

I'm sure it will pay off this year...