Monday, January 26, 2009


I was with Sada most of the day yesterday getting her from Dr. appt to buying some new gels (Power Bar plain) to getting antibiotics - it was like a 5 hour deal.  While I was out Greta called and asked me to pick some Super Bowl food up - this means stuff that probably isn't good for my training or speedo fitting or hill climbing.  Since I generally watch stuff we record on TV (Nip Tuck or triathlons) or stuff we Netflix - I had no idea the Super Bowl was on, so 'sure'. 

I got bean buns, and hot wings and peanuts and eggplant and chips and wine and salsa.  Not everything was to accompany our super bowl watching , but some of it was.  Who doesn't love football and bean buns? 

We got home, fired up the microwave and got some dip and chips and wine and bean buns and then went upstairs to watch the game. 

But it turns out, the super bowl wasn't on, so we watched the Real Housewives of Orange County.  Which I think was Greta's version of the Super Bowl.

Which I like sort of.... but I can't believe anyone would marry these women.  Date them?  sure, but marry and commit to listening to their yammering and paying for them to run around and ignore the kids and shop and not even clean a single bike? 

The show is really a celebration of fake boobs and blond hair which I can of course appreciate but I'm not sure why they record them - it would be better if they just played some Motley Crue ballads or John Tesh or the Dark Side of the Moon or the soundtrack from An American in Paris or Yanni.

The show does have more than blond haired women on it but I don't really pay them much attention. 

I think I'm going to DVR it from now on.

I also watched My Redneck Wedding for 10 mins and amazed that we all have an equal vote and there are no tests required before having children.  1) We shouldn't. 2) There should be.

All of this came after I had a good week of training: 4x master's swim - 4 hours, ran 3.25 hours, rode 6.5 hours and a little yoga.  Basically the same week this week - just a little more running.  I did a long group ride but they went up Alpine dam which I hadn't really planned for (mentally I like a sort of a preparedness before my rides - where I'm going, what the workout is, ...) and that is a shorter ride than the 3.5 hours I wanted to get - plus hills means only pedally 2/3rd of the time at a given watt range. 

So I rode out to meet the group, which was late - so I rode up Camino Alto, didn't see them.

Rode down. 

Found them at the bottom and then rode up again. 

Then we pedaled at like 60-100 watts. 

Then I decided that I don't like group rides that aren't gunning from mile 1 or even mile 4.  Mile 10 is late for me.  I don't race like that - so why train like it?  I'm sure Ben's group ride in Seattle will be a bit different.  I should not it was labeled a 'social ride'.

So I took off with 2 other guys who wanted to ride longer and one of them wanted to do some TT efforts.  Then I rode at 250w on the flats and 300w on the hills, no more and no less.  I just pulled and they just sat, which is fine cause someone in front of me usually wrecks my watts. 

One guy dropped (the guy doing the TT efforts) who I caught later after stopping to eat and get water.  The other guy turned around - but he was solid and it turns out that we finished within like 3 mins of each other at Vineman. 

So I caught a team out for a ride but they wanted to go like 200w after the halfway mark and I left them at precisely 220-250w. 

And then I rode home alone with my iPod.  But had a solid last 1.5 hours (It took 2 hours to get to Pt Reyes with all of this group ride stuff and 1.5 home) and felt pretty good.

Next week I'll probably ride alone so that a 3.5 hour ride doesn't take 4.5 hours to do.  And then watch the other Super Bowl.

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