Thursday, January 15, 2009

Son of a Bitch...

Belgium 015that's about all I can say.  I wasn't feeling great yesterday but still ran 11 before the sun was up - even some nice 6:30 and faster miles,  but then I didn't feel great.  I tried riding on a bike trainer but didn't last 15 mins - soooooo boring.  I need to have more to do that to sit and spin. 

then Greta called and said the VC backing her company just cut funding and that her position no longer existed.

then our nanny called and said she was back from Mexico (she was supposed to be back on Monday but didn't show - she was sick and couldn't fly).  then we let her know that funding just got cut and her position no longer existed. 

then I woke up at 2am and felt terrible and every single joint in my body hurt, not because I've skipped doing yoga 2x this week but parts that I didn't use running hurt, like my knuckles and my neck.

I also haven't been able to swim since I've had no nanny to watch piper. 

now we need to figure out if we should cut our lease early and move somewhere or kill ourselves to get Greta a new job - I suspect moving is a better option, we don't really need to live on the ocean and next to Robin Williams.  He's only been funny once and although he did let me see all of the bikes in his garage, it wasn't 'the' collection of bikes he is known for - those are at his ranch.  he doesn't always wear a helmet when he rides. 

our cat also snores like a longshoremen. 

I also just took 6 Tylenol by accident, I meant to take 2 but somehow took all of the pills in my hand.  perhaps it's a really weak subconscious suicide attempt.

i thought for sure that Obama would have fixed everything by now.    

I feel like the building above.


Sarah said...

Awww Loren. That really really sucks. I am so sorry.

On the plus side, maybe you guys should consider moving up to Sonoma County? It's way prettier here and less snobby. :)

And there's great bike riding, maybe jobs for Greta to look at(?), good schools, etc etc...

Anyway, sounds like 2009 isn't off to the best start. :( Things will work out. Nobody said it was easy. Let me know if there's any way I can help.

Kelly said...

it sounds like a really really rough week. let me know if i can help out

-- TB said...

dude, you're going to need at least 50 tylenol to do any damage. but do you really want to deprive the world of such an amusing smart arse as yourself?

sounds like quite a day though, bummer. had some good news on our end though - perhaps someone else's good news will make you feel the slightest bit better?

good luck - that's a pretty weighty decision you got there in front of you.

Courtenay said...

see you here soon YAY!
and the sun is out btw