Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skunks, Cherry Throw Up and Vertigo

These are the last 3 things that I would have said would be a part of this morning’s hill repeat workout – but they were a part.  I got up at 5am with the goal of running by 6am.  The air was warm – so I didn’t have to wear more than a long-sleeve top, a hat, gloves and shorts (running shoes too).  It was about 52F though I did run through a few nice patches of even warmer air.


The moon was full a few days ago – so I still had quite a bit of moonlight to run by.  The warm up is about 15-20 mins of easy running to the hill (.25 miles long) where I went an easy Z1.  The only problem is that there are quite a number of trees that blocked the moonlight – so I ran in the pitch black which always feels weird – you can sort of see where you are but not exactly.  A car or two went by and left me blind for a good 2-3 mins where I got within a foot of falling off the road and down into a ravine.  My head really did not like running in the dark and I felt really dizzy – it was like I didn’t trust that each step would find solid pavement. 

I ran in the moonlight on the hills and that helped – but now I was going up the hill, along with my HR and the cheery Clif shot I had before the run.  I don’t know why I ever get any flavor other than Cola, Vanilla or Plain.  I always pay the price of a ‘return visit’ every single time.  I will only get Vanilla, I will only get Vanilla, I will only get Vanillia….

As I got to the top of the hill I remembered seeing a dead skunk on the side of the road the day before – so I had a putrid smell to endure just about the time my HR saw 185+ as well as the top of the hill. 

Good times. 

I did catch a whiff of early season Jasmine somewhere along the run which has only one rival for ‘best smell while exercising’ – BBQ. 



Anonymous said...

cola is disgusting!!!! even time I somehow come across it in my bike pocket I nearly vomit. ick.

Anonymous said...

skunks and other dead animal smells always remind me of summers in PA, running and biking on the roads there. The heat and humidity does a number on them.

i don't understand why you had to get up so early to run - i thought you had a lot more flexibility with your schedule now that you're working from home.