Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kicking Myself Silly

After a pretty miserable week of not feeling good (this is week 2 of that), not swimming due to no nanny and now a missing 2nd income – what a crappy week.  We’re trying to figure out if we will stay here in CA or if we should just call it a big adventure over and move back to exactly where we were 2 years ago – except with a lot less in our pockets but a ton of great friends and a wonderful 2 years in the sun.  I’ll write more on this next….

In between feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus and a decroded piece of crap – I did get out for about 18 miles of running last week and after laying in bed for 2 days I got out for a ride today ~60 miles.  I rode with a group which makes riding with a Power Tap or HR a bit hard but I did get to put in some good efforts and work on finishing stronger than I started. 

We started with about 20 people and after the short climb over Camino Alto (maybe a 6-7 min climb at most) we had dropped about 5 people and it was clear there were 2 groups for the ride – so I suffered a bit and hopped on the tail of the A group and vowed to keep it mellow and not attack and not get silly and attack where I will end up paying for it. 

I had to stop for a nature break before the climb up White’s Hill (maybe 6-7 min climb) and rode up at 300w but caught a bunch of what would be the B group which we never saw again.  I rode an easy Z1 and under 260w – until meeting up with the faster folks. 

BTW: The one part I hate about group rides is the stopping and waiting and chatting and going too slow.  A 60 mile ride by myself takes 3:30 max and has 2 nature breaks and 1 water stop.  With a group – it can be 4+ hours and I’m not riding where I should be. 

They said they were rolling out about as soon as I rolled in – so I jumped on and we rode a pretty good tempo out to Pt. Reyes about 20-25 mins out.  We watered up and rode steady home – the only drawback was that no one rode with any sort of Power or HR, so it was a lot of hard – slow- hard – slow – which you can see in the graph below.  Avg Watts were low and around 220w – which was fine for a sick day.  Towards the end of the ride I would go to the front and hold a nice tempo of 300-350w for 3 mins at a time – which I was really happy being able to do.  I did set a new watt record for 10 min power – but I’m not seeing the 25w weekly increases that Lance has been seeing, then again I ride 120-140 miles a week max.  I’m sure that’s all I’m missing – more miles. 

Below is my power output from today.  You can see the climb up Camino Alto at 275-300w about 30 mins in, another climb up White’s Hill around 70 mins and then sitting behind a group with 2 pulls in a pace line from 115-135 (mins), some flats where I sat in and then more pace line and lastly the final stretch home from 150-170 mins where I did a bunch of the pulling. 


I should have my training plan from my coach this weekend that will bring me all the way through to New Orleans 70.3.  I know it will consist of me swimming 3x a week and about 6 weeks of 4-6 hour long rides – so I’ll be skipping the group rides soon and will be getting in some quality alone time. 

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Kelly said...

that's one of the things i hate about groups ride, the other is that they suck.

why does everyone want to move to seattle?