Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inside Iraq Obama

I'm getting out of my funk and being depressed - or I'm trying in between over-dosing on tylenol and i-boo-pro-fin. 

This is about the retarded stuff my kids say.  And I know I'm not supposed to say 'retarded' to kids, but I'm not so PC sometimes.  I'm sort of retarded.

Sada was in the car with me and she said something to the effect of how can someone be "inside a rock".  then I realized we were listening to the news and she must have heard this is Carl Castle...  "inside iraq today blah blah blah..."

Who is the next president?  Sada knew, Iraq Obama.  It's a theme you know.  She'll also tell you there's no snow in Tahoe, I think she knows this from every kid at school whose parents have a place there - we don't 1) because I'll wreck my knee 2) I don't like skiing THAT much 3) I don't even have my own house here. 

imageI was working in the living room as I usually do and Piper had been playing in there for a while and the toys were scattered, basically in a mess.  Piper comes from the play room and with her arms outstretched says to me 'this is a MESS, amen' and walks away.

In between blessings, I'm watching a few interesting DVD's - one " Bigger, Stronger, Faster" is an interesting documentary on steroids (the guy next door here makes a pretty decent argument too).  It's pretty interesting given the current state of cycling - the argument made is convincing - but not as lame as the one I hear this past weekend from a solid triathlete who rode a 2:21 bike at 70.3 Worlds.  He said if you're not wiling to draft then you're racing in a different race.  Am I?  No.  I should name names too.  I was impressed by this guy until he told me that.  We're not in the same age group - so I don't really care, but he's weak and young and is a stay at home dad and I hope his wife says the same about whether or not she should be nailing her boss to get ahead at work and make a few extra bucks each year.  I don't mean his wife saying that she should be drafting at work but have a similar lack of ethics, sort of. 

The other DVD I'm watching is the 3 DVD John Adams.  David McCollugh was behind this as was Tom Hanks.  It's awesome and riveting to watch.  I now have to go back and read John Adams which has been my most favorite biography - but very close to Ben Franklin and George Washington.  If you want to talk 18th century American history, I'll go all day without a latte. 

John Adams

I didn't train today and I didn't swim all week but I did run at least 17 miles in 2 days.  My coach will be getting me my plan for the next 3 months tomorrow - so hopefully I won't be sick, Greta will find a job that makes her happy and pays $100k annually and the kids are accepted into an after-school program.  This all needs to happen tomorrow. 

John Adams didn't train much and he seemed to turn out ok. 


Sarah said...

That is so weird. I mentioned Bigger Stronger Faster today too. Did you look at my blog and decide to copy it? ;)

Matt was raving about John Adams, so I've got that in the queue too.

Here's to it being a fabulous Friday for you guys and everything going right...

hmshore said...

John Adams probably wouldn't have used the word retarded.

Loren Pokorny said...

Of course he wouldn't have - but this is what I call progress.