Monday, January 5, 2009

In the Long Run

You’d think after a few years that I’d figure out how to eat and drink – but I don’t.  I did have some initial success with a lower cal effort but my workouts turned to poop.  I couldn’t sustain my power on the bike (and thus got chicked by Alison) and I struggled in my longer runs.  Below is a chart from a long run where I did a bit over 11 miles – about a 7:45 pace.  You’ll see that I start out easy and go into a steady effort where the terrain (sort of rolling) for the first few miles cause my HR to fluctuate – but it’s still in Z2.  Then I make an effort to push towards the end from about 20 to 60 mins as a gradual build.  The last 20 mins is easy with 2 small hills to climb.  I do this run all of the time - but sometimes it doesn’t look like this and it hurts.  The pace from about 20 mins to 60 mins is 7:30 to 7 mins.  I did this run with Marc Malott – who is about 22 (years, not kilos) and ran really well.  Our HR’s were pretty close until we hit the hills and where I suspect the 20lbs I’ve got on him made me work a bit more. 













Now here is the same route – except counter clockwise, then the wrinkle: I had an idea.  Actually, I’ve been trying to be a better runner and what I’m finding is that to do this 1) run a lot 2) finish longer runs with harder efforts.  So the big, dumb idea I had was to start off slow and increase my pace by 10 seconds per mile for every mile I ran – which was 11.25.  I started off so slow I couldn’t even run as slow as I wanted to – so I started around 9’s or at least the idea that I could, but actually ran something around 8:40 for the first two miles and then got into the pace a little better.  The differences in avg HR was only 2 beats but the effort for the one below felt really hard at the end for some reason – I’ll likely have to try it again after fueling better.  The terrain going counter-clockwise on the route also progresses from downhill to flat to uphill to rolling – basically easy to hard. 


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