Friday, January 30, 2009


I was out yesterday doing a 1 hour run with 3x12 min Z3 (168-175HR) intervals w/ 3-5 mins Z2 in between.  As usual, I ran around Tiburon and run on the road and the trail that appears and disappears on the side of the road.  It's rolling but I swear there are more uphills than down.  I was pretty tired since Thursday is the end of the mid-week effort and I've only been on my schedule for 2 weeks - so it's still fairly stressful on me.  Here's what I did (trust me this matters to the story):

  • Mon: 1 hour run w/ farleks - 5 mins, 4 mins and 3 mins (zone 3, low Z4, high z4) - all with equal rest.  Master's swim in the afternoon - 1 hour.
  • Tues: 1.3 hour run w/ hard up hills and Z2 down hills, avg pace low Z3.  Master's swim in the afternoon - 1 hour.
  • Wed: Spin at Endurance PTC, 4 x 8 mins in Z3 (270 watts) w/10 mins of high Z2 in between #2 and #3. 1.5 hours + 15 mins of running drills. Master's swim in the afternoon - 1 hour.
  • Thur: 1 hour run (as described above).  Master's swim in the afternoon - 1 hour.

So I run with a lot of gadgets - my iPod, my Garmin 201 and my Polar 625x - it's a lot but still less than the Sony Sports Walkman I ran with for years and years - plus I don't have to flip over the cassette. 

I was like 40 mins into the run and from out of nowhere - I TOTALLY TRIPPED and I didn't even stumble, I just started flying forward and somehow I did a beautiful roll on the ground - never even putting my hands out because I was holding my iPod.  I looked down and I had hit the button on my Polar to show the calories I had burned and it showed 666.  That's right, Satan was calling and I just rolled once and kept going in the middle of my interval.  I was also listening to Motley Crue.  I'm sure that was it.

On another note - I've been dealing with this lingering cold for WEEKS - mostly just a stuffy head but not much else - a few aches for a few days in early Jan but nothing much more than a stuffy head.  2 weeks ago at Endurance in my spin class I was struggling to ride at 190 watts at 100 rpm.  Last week I was able to push 250 watts at 100 rpm and this week I was pushing 280 watts at the end at 105rpm.  I was amazed at how much strength could be sapped by a cold. 

I also have been told by most of the folks I've been swimming with - the senior citizen contingent - that I've gotten noticeably faster in the past few days!  I still think I swim 1:50 100's though.  Even though this is slow, it's about 10-15 seconds faster than I raced at that year.  If my goal is to shave 5 mins off my swim, then I'm about 3.25 mins closer!  Baby steps.

This weekend I'm just riding 3 hours tomorrow - I might even go at a nice pace and enjoy the ride rather than ride at a certain wattage or HR.  Sunday is a 1.5 hour trail run 2x up and down Ring Mtn - which means I have to avg. low Z3 on the run - pushing the hills hard and coasting the down hills. 


Kelly said...

four days in a row?

Greg Remaly said...

i like the trip and the 666 thing - very cool. let us know if satan keeps trying to get you.

Loren Pokorny said...

I took Sunday off - but generally have 7 days a week scheduled.

Ian Charles said...

When you're having sex with Greta do you tell her you have to keep in Z2 for 3 min and Z4 for 1 min, or do you not last that long?

Loren Pokorny said...

It depends upon what my coach has on the schedule. It's all base right now. Lots of Z1 and some efforts in Z2. I keep Power Gels handy in case I last longer than 15 mins.

Sarah said...

Glad swim is improving. Awesome!

Freaky about the Polar, though. I'm having that weird stuffy head thing right now, too. Like I don't have a FULL on cold just sniffly stuff. I hope it doesn't last two weeks like yours.

Oh and I hope you feel better soon.