Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 Season Schedule

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Now that I’m over my triathlon suicide attempt and I see sun and the temps over 50 AND I’m not too scared to get crushed in the pool – I’ve got a schedule and something to look forward to.  I took the picture above on a ride today – ez w/low RPM hills in Z1/Z2 around the Marin Headlands - avg 237 watts.

  • Snelling Road Race - Feb 21 (Cat 3)
  • Zamora Road Race - March 22 (Cat 3)
  • New Orleans 70.3 - April 5
  • Vineman Showdown - April 11 – sprint
  • IRONMAN Hawaii Lottery announced – April 15 (getting in would change a few things below)
  • Ice Breaker Tri - April 18 - sprint
  • Napa Valley Sprint - May 3 - sprint
  • UVAS - May 17 - sprint
  • Vacation May 20-30
  • Tri for Fun: June 6 - sprint
  • San Jose - June 21 - Olympic
  • Vineman 70.3  - July 20th? – I’m signed up – that’s what matters.
  • TImberman 70.3 - Aug 20? - I’m signed up – that’s what matters.
  • Kirkland Triathlon – Sept 27th - sprint
  • 70.3 World Champs

I’d also like to find some 10k and a half marathon or two that don’t involve swimming and biking before – just to try and mix it up ala Kelly ‘Tire Lever’ Dunleavy. Ideas?

And yes, there are some slacker races in here.  I’ve done nearly every one of these races – so I’m looking to see how I improve with a focus on racing all out for 1-2 hours as opposed to racing in Z2/Z3 for 4.5 hours. 


Greg Remaly said...

You know, you don't need to post when you're taking a vacation in your race schedule....just sayin'.

There are 10ks and half-marathons around here pretty much every weekend - I can find one for you if you tell me the weekend.

Kelly said...

ooooh, i think i'll be at allllll of those

Mark W. Guay said...


I came across your blog while searching for information on a pair of Zoot Ultra Race shoes and starting reading your blog.

I teach high school English in downstate New York and am thinking about moving someplace warmer. Trainer rides are a real bummer. I'm new to triathlon but am already making good progress.

I've never been to California and was hoping you can tell me of some locations there that are 1. warmer and 2. affordable on a teacher's salary.

Thank You,

Mark W. Guay

Rik said...

There are no "slacker races" unless you aren't going all out. And unless you have the overall lead by a good margin (which is hard to tell anyway in a wave start race), there is no reason not to go all out!

Courtenay said...

kelly is coming to kirkland?!?!!?!?!?!?

this is great news.

(i'm also glad it's on your schedule loren :D)