Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleeping in Seattle

IMG_8690Since I work for Microsoft but live and work out of my home, I have to travel to Seattle/Redmond WA on a somewhat regular schedule – so I head there about every 3-4 weeks for 3 days at a time.  It makes for long days since I usually take the first flight out on day 1 (getting me up around 4:30am) and the last flight home on day 3 (getting me home around midnight).  I don’t bring my bike because it usually is raining or misting or showering or intermittent showering or light showers or experiencing heavy rain (these are just a few of the ways they will give the weather forecast there).  This means running and swimming.  I will swim on Thursday with a master’s group at my old pool where Rhae Shaw and Chris Tremonte swim – though they swim at reasonable hours whereas I choose the 6am class so I can still get in a 1 hour run after swimming – all before work!  I’d never consider swimming with Ben or Aaron given their near 100% probability that there will be some sort of gang-like throw down or confrontation (maybe it’s more like a gang dance off ala Michael Jackson’s Beat It video). 

I still have been unable to string more than 2 swim workouts in per week – but 2 hours a week is still about 30%-50% more than I have swam in the past and not swimming with fins, a pull buoy, wetsuit (which Soda consistently spells ‘wetsuite’) or noodle (I’ve only thought about trying the swim noodle in a race) – I’m definitely improving there.  For December I should be able to make 3-4 sessions a week until the Holidays and then keep at it through January where I can then start balancing out the three sports a little more based on the 70.3 distance. 

December 1st also brings about my focus on getting closer to an appropriate race weight of 163-165lbs.  Right now I’m around 174-176lbs which is awful to haul around on the bike and run.  I’m back to using mine and Courtenay’s favorite LEAN1 from Nutrition 53 (I hear they’ll also be launching a bar – Natural1 and a new product Flex1).  I’m using Lean 1 as a meal replacement on light workout days (like today’s 1 hour run) and as a snack on heavier days (Friday where I’ll ride 2 hours and run 1 hour).  Of course you’ll see me obsessing about my weight for the next 3 months – so no, you won’t go nary a week without hearing about my gigante  bum. 

I also went to the store and didn’t return with Egg Nog, which was a first time for me – so bravo for that!  But I did get a 2% egg nog latte at SBUX, boo. 

Above is a picture that I took from my Thanksgiving run of 10.25 miles that I did in Medford, OR – the crystal meth capital of the northwest.  I’ll have to post the Garmin download – the run was up 5 miles and down 5 miles – not ever flat once.  The run went from about 2,200-3,500 – it was cold, foggy and wet below and at about 3.5 miles up it was sunny, 50 and clear. 


I’m now in Seattle where it’s cold, dark and rainy.  I’m also not sure in what culture is it ok to let your 2 year old kick the living crap out of the seat in front of them – but today I was in the seat of someone from that culture.  On the descent into Seattle the mom says ‘oh no, stop that’ – only 98 minutes late. 

Our new puppy jack only took about 32 poops on the floor yesterday.  He did pee about 12 times which is good.  Thank goodness for carpet cleaners, hardwoods and already badly stained rental carpeting (the house is rented, not just the carpets). 


Soda said...

I may not be able to spell but I will be kicking your butt in the pool and up the mountain soon.

kim_wilton said...

You forgot drizzle and "rain turning to showers". On Saturday, the weatherman literally said, "It won't rain today. We will have drizzle." Dude! That is rain!!

We should have dinner some time when you're up here.