Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Giving Experiences

I think this year I’m stuck – who needs another sweater or DVD player or even DVD?  At this point when people ask what do the girls want for Christmas – I respond with clothes or art supplies.  They have everything they want and they never see commercials on TV – so they don’t even know what they’re missing.  If I need something – it’s because I really NEED it – like a spare tube, or gel or ummm a new bike – I’ll just get it.  So I think from now on we’ll be trying to give experiences instead of ‘stuff’.  For instance, we’re flying Greta’s parents down instead of sending gifts.  For my family – which is bigger than Greta’s – we’re (CHRISTMAS SPOILER – STOP READING MOM) going to be renting a place over memorial weekend and flying out to Nantucket, MA.  Here we’ll stay at this place – it’s a home owned by my friend Hunter from whom we’re renting it from. 

  • 10 acre waterfront estate on Polpis Harbor
  • Swimming pool with pool house
  • Boat house, mooring, swim dock
  • Sports field (soccer, volley ball)
  • 7000 sq. ft. main house, 4 bedrooms / 7 bathrooms
  • 2000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom/2 bath guest cottage
  • Full lower level with theatre, gym, wine cellar, game room and bar
  • Integrated stereo system and 7 flat panel TV displays
  • Now isn’t a week with my entire family – sisters, brother’s in law, kids and nana a better present than a wool sweater for all?  The only drawback is that it rents for $25,000 a week.  It sleeps 15 and should be great – since we’re only 15 including little kids. 

    speaking of kids – here are two of my favorite videos that I’ve posted before:

    Happy Birthday – Sada doesn’t miss a lyric despite the beating.

    When you’re at Disney and you’re so excited that you can’t walk a straight line – you just HAVE to give the thumbs up!


    Anonymous said...

    sounds like it's going to be a great Xmas. that's awesome that the girls never see commercials - that's the way to go.

    the happy birthday balloon bash video is one of my favs too. If you can get Sada on video telling you she's going to cancel your birthday or cut off your wheel, then that will be the new favorite.

    Sam said...
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