Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 and a bunch of other stuff about triathlon

ok – I get in so much trouble for not writing more.  I no longer have a commute to write this blog on, so I have to write it during Disney movies (watching Wall-E right now).  Christmas is over and I’m a BIG FAT COW.  I know this because Greta got me a new Ironman scale that is apparently right.  I’m 180.5 lbs and supposedly 20.5% FAT.  Thanks for that darling – I thought I was really making progress towards hitting 165lbs for New Orleans 70.3.  I did ride and run a lot this week – I got out for about 30+ miles of running (3x11.25 mile runs) and a good 120+ miles of riding.  I set a new record riding out to Pt. Reyes and back yesterday but only ate about 480 calories in 3 hours – I kept bonking the last hour and would die, eat some gel, ride 15 mins and then die again.  Today I ran with Marc Malott where we did a 20 min warm up (8 on the opener and 7:30s for the rest) and then did 40 mins of 7 to 7:20 pace and then the last 20 mins was 8-9 mins cool down.  It was a good run but my legs were pretty tired from the riding and from eating too much and of course too much wine.

Christmas was good – Piper got a bike and Sada got a roll-top desk.  I took the girls out for a ride but Piper wasn’t so keen on riding just yet – so she managed to drag her bike up and down the street like a donkey.  We’ll continue to work on this over the next 2 weeks since we won’t have a nanny and I’m left to run the circus.  This means I won’t be able to get out except at 6am for runs and on New Year’s Day for a long run and ride (Greta will be home then). 


The day after Christmas we went out to Muir Beach (which I ride by all of the time) for a short hike with the girls and Jack.  The weather was great and the waves were pretty spectacular.  Sada continues to prove that she’ll be a monster cross country runner one day as she raced up the side of the cliff and left us all behind. 


On my next post I’ll explain this picture:



Greg Remaly said...

those kind of scales are notoriously inaccurate when it comes to body fat %, especially with "slim" athletic body types. yours is lower, I'm sure. Early this past year I did both the scale and the calipers at the same time - the scale said I was about 11% (even though it was in "athletic mode" but the calipers in five places said about 5%.

180 lbs is not very good for you, but there's still a lot of time. If you lose just one pound a week, a very safe amount assuming you're training, you'll definitely get down to 165 by April.

Kelly said...

i am no longer believing my scale either after it said i had 24% body fat. pshaw.

i wish i had gotten a bike for christmas, then i could push it around the driveway