Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Weekend

It wasn’t an epic weekend – but it was big.  I rode Friday and Sat – getting in about 100 miles.  I rode my longest ride of the pre-season, a whole 3 hours, a distance I’ll continue to push for the rest of December.  My watts per kg are still up about .23 from 2 months ago and I rode at my highest avg  - besting my previous mark at this same effort by 30 mins. 

P8170147In my Power Tap software I set 2 new records on this ride for 60 min and 120 min power – about 20w higher than last year.  Goals for this ride were to ride between 220 and 260 watts and ride hills in a big ring at 45-50 rpm – my avg HR was 150, which is my Z1.  It was windy and I still had a record speed for the ride.  There was a point on the ride where I looked down and I was doing 17.5 mph at 260 watts on a 2% downhill slope!  Normally I’d see 25mph.  With the hills on this ride I spent about 40 mins at 280+ watts!

It also helps that I’ve dropped 5lbs since I last posted about being a tank.  I simply don’t eat much – except on rides and runs.  For instance, the other day I have a Lean1 shake from Nutrition 53 and then rode for 2 hours.  I came home and had a half cup of cottage cheese and the crust of my daughter’s sandwhich.  Do that for a few weeks and you’ll get light.  Not ideal for Jan/Feb and March as I build for New Orleans 70.3 – but it will get me in a better position to do well there and qualify for World’s 70.3.

Yesterday (Sunday) I ran long and THAT was epic.  It was raining a little – so I grabbed a hat and baggie for my iPOD  - this was also the first run I’d do with a HRM since last racing season.  Z2 after a warm up in Z1 and 40 mins in put in an effort at Z3 for 15 mins (I’ll build the ‘effort’ part 5 min each week).  The warm up went well and it was lightly sprinkling – since I had only run with perceived effort for the past 2 months – running with the HRM pushed me a little.  Z1 means <158 HR which I don’t think I ever went above in the past 2 months except on the mtn runs. 

The opening miles were all sub-8 miles even with a pee and gel stop.  I then moved into Z2 where I went into the 7 min mile zone and as I got close to the end of 40 mins – I moved into a pace with a HR of 168-171 (or Z4).  About that time I rounded the south end of Tiburon and it started to get REALLY windy and the rain went from a shower to a downpour.  A soaked to the bone type of downpour.  I stuck with the plan and finished up with a set of 6x20 strides (sort of a sprint) and stumbled home.   I had an avg pace over 45 seconds faster at this same time last year.  11.25 miles.

So far so good!


Ian Charles said...

watched you run by. I got out there too this weekend but I'm light years behind you.

Ian Charles said...

watched you run by. I got out there too this weekend but I'm light years behind you.

Soda said...

I'm still working on building my running too.