Tuesday, December 9, 2008

$397 for a tire

I got a flat on our rear tire of our SUV – it’s a 2001 BMW X5 4.4 with the ‘sport package’.  This I think just means it rides stiff and has some big tires. 

I didn’t know it was flat and drove home on it – about 2 miles but that was enough to pretty much eat the sidewalls and make it un-repairable.  It has a full size spare – so I changed it and brought the damaged tire to the BMW dealer.  When I showed up with just a tire it confused them.  No one they said, had ever brought in just a tire.  They didn’t have a process for writing up a tire so they said, let’s just pretend to write up the car and just note there is only a tire – I had confounded their computer system since I suppose no one expected a BMW owner to fix their own tire (sort of). 

The tire was a Michelin but instead of a 700x23, it’s a 285/45 R19.  The tire was $350 and a new valve stem was $4.97 and labor/taxes got me to almost $400.  So for the Christmas that we had planned on ‘keeping simple’ and not spending a ton on stuff we don’t really need, we’ve got a $500 dog and a $400 tire. 

I also haven’t done any workouts since last Thursday which I think makes me a big fat loser. 

Pass the egg nog please.


Soda said...

what confuses me more then the BMW computers is why is the world would you spend $500 on a dog!?!?!? next time go to a second chance rescue program, it's nearly free!!!

lazy bum.

Loren Pokorny said...

I did but shelters are full of dogs not suitable for children under 5.