Monday, November 10, 2008

Treasure Island Triathlon

On Saturday I went down to see The Ben, Chris Tremonte and Brian Fleischmann race.  In tow were my 3 ladies who despite vowing to never watch another triathlon decided to make it a family outing.  This year there was a swim which made it a better race for Ben and without any rain it was going to be an honest race. 

IMG_8412 Here’s Saturday morning from our place – a bit foggy on the Oakland side but it looked like we would see blue skies. IMG_8420
The ladies were armed with their new Disney Princess lunchboxes.
IMG_8416 It’s serious business laying out the lunches. IMG_8426 I was really there. 
So handsome, so lean and so K-Swiss!  Ben in the flesh.
IMG_8413 Since I couldn’t find Chris Tremonte I found his sweet new bike.  It’s even clean!
He wasn’t kidding about these when he blogged.  
Could Piper have looked more bored?  Probably not.
The men’s field in the pre-race corral. 
IMG_8429 I’m willing to put money on that arm being Ben’s.
Ben Collins blog guest writer Brandon Basso.
Marin tri-speedster Kelly Dunleavy.  
IMG_8443 Brian Fleischmann running strong here. IMG_8444
Ben looking at the fool yelling with a cowbell and camera.  Go Ben go!
Massive arms.
IMG_8446 Jillian Petersen runs so fast I could only catch her after she passed by. 
IMG_8448 Matt Reed is big but not as fast as Victor was.  Matt has had a long and solid year.  IMG_8449
Victor Plata – race winner.

Here are a few videos I made during the race.

Here’s the swim finish:

Here’s Ben Collins leaning some pretty solid triathletes on the bike:


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