Monday, November 3, 2008

A Correspondence course in swimming

I swam today with the TPC Master’s group and it made me feel like I learned to swim by taking some online course with multiple choice questions.  Taking 2 months off from swimming hurts, I swallowed 2 liters of the good stuff not to mention whatever I inhaled while backstroking in a downpour (it’s an outdoor pool).  I knew how to do most everything at least in practice – but in reality it wasn’t so good.  While backstroking I wondered how many times Aaron Peirsol hit the lane lines or the person next to him.  I think I stopped counting at 32, and that’s in about 12 lengths of backstroking.  The last set was 600 ez, 400 harder and 200 try to see God.  It’s bad that I had a conversation with God from yard 1 to yard 1,200. 

Then I voted.  By mail but here in CA, mailing it on election day doesn’t count so that means I have to drop it off tomorrow.  I was going to take a scan of my ballot to show that I did vote for McCain but I figured I just had to say it.  So there.  Like voting Republican in Seattle, it doesn’t matter a whole heck of a lot here as Soda pointed out


While Obama might offer hope to those who are disillusioned with his achievements (sorry, I’m trying to think of one other than looking good on a t-shirt) – I make my own hope or at least set the groundwork for it.  My hope for 2009 is to ride sub-2:30 at all of my races and here’s what I found on my front porch today.  Many thanks to a certain pro who continues to be incredibly generous and good to me.

 IMAGE_004 (2)

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Courtenay said...

well of course obama and biden will always put canada first, like any sane person would. god.