Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The K-Swiss Keahou

Since I’m a tank – I generally need supportive shoes, much like a healthy girl might need a girdle (I could use a K-Swiss branded Girdle too).  This weekend I decided to support my friends who are K-Swiss sponsored athletes (Ben, Aaron Scheidies and Chris Lieto).  I got a pair of the K-Swiss Keahou which they describe as a:

“The Keahou is a lightweight neutral running shoe for serious runners. It features Superfom cushioning and a Guideglide construction for a stable and smooth heel-to-toe transition”

Some first impressions were how nice they fit – I’ve never worn them with socks and they feel really nice.  No issues with seams or odd pressure points.  They’re also REALLY cushion-y.  I honestly have never put on a shoe that felt this cushy – the Brooks I run in feel like 2 pieces of cold, hard steak.  I got them out for a run today and they were delightful.  My first thoughts were about how good they felt but also how light and great they provided road feel.  I didn’t feel lumps and bumps – but I felt when I was striking correctly and when I wasn’t.  Naturally I wasn’t born a mid-foot striker but have worked on good running form and these shoes really helped give me that feedback.  I throw down some really easy miles at about a 7:25 avg. pace which included about 600 feet of climbing. 

I’ll continue to use these on some of my trail runs with hard pack where I don’t need a ton of support but I do need quick feel and cushioning.  I’d definitely consider putting these on for a 70.3 run or even a 10k or half marathon – they’re light! 

Check these puppies out.

Lorpeedo ranking: 4.5 ‘peedos’.

PS – I’d like to say I have an excuse why the ankle in this picture looks cankley – but I don’t.  gosh. 



Soda said...

I think it's the angle that you took the photo at.

Taylor said...

I was about to comment on your cankles before I read your disclaimer...Ruin all my fun :(