Friday, November 21, 2008

It’s a whale dressed as a penguin

I sometimes call Sada on her 5 year old artwork – if she hurries or doesn’t try, it’s usually pretty messy.  The other day she drew something and told me it was a shark.  I said that it looked more like a poop and to try again – so she did.  She came back and still had some explaining to do – and that’s where she came up with the whale/penguin thing. 

You probably thought that is how Ben described me to someone but no, I’m 176lbs and wear a M jersey.  I’ll get to 165 for New Orleans 70.3

Below is a picture she did – it’s Sada, Piper and our Guinea Pig Elizabeth.  The pig is wearing a fairy costume which has wings (of course).  Because it was Halloween, Sada tossed a bat into the pig’s cage – you can see her water bottle on the side (the green thing), her food bowl and her sleeping area.  There’s also a ramp thing in the cage where we keep her treats.  So see, it’s simple. 


The weather here has been amazing – high 70’s last week and low 60’s this week – but still sunny in between.  I’ve had a solid week of running and even swimming!  After having never swam more than 80 mins in 1 week – I’m now getting in 2 hours of master’s swim and hope to make 3 sessions, but between travel, work, family, etc… I still haven’t hit the magic 3 yet.  In case you wondered how easy you might have it with no kids or no spouse or no job – here’s the reality here:

Next week:

  • Monday AM, bike 2 hours, swim PM 1 hour – work from 5am until 6pm or later.  Con call with Canada at 6am cause they’re 4 hours ahead and London right after.
  • Tuesday AM, bike 2 hours, swim PM 1 hour – work from 5am until 6pm or later. 
  • Wednesday: AM, drive to Thanksgiving, 6 hours north – run 45 mins
  • Thursday: you get the picture….

This continues on until Sunday where we’re home and we put up our Christmas tree – which sometimes falls on our Anniversary, which is the 29th and this year it is 11 years.  I’m not sure how the time flies or how I’ve managed to keep Greta for so long but I’m lucky on that front!

Try to get in 2.5-3 hours on the bike Sunday, ride 2 hours Monday, Swim. 

Fly to Seattle on Tuesday AM, fit in 45 min run during the day.  Work, Run on Wednesday for an hour and then hit the 6am master’s swim with my old coach in Seattle, run 45 mins then work.  Fly home at 8:30, home at midnight.

Not done yet….

Ride Friday 2 hours, clean up house for Anniversary party on Saturday.  Run 1.5 hours Sat AM.  Work on house for party.  Party.

Sunday, ride 3 hours, run 15 mins.

Monday – master’s swim and recovery run.  Tuesday, pick friends up at airport – they’re visiting from Australia for a few days before they head East to NH for a few weeks. It goes like this – somehow getting in 14 hours a week of training until Christmas week where I’ll cut back to 10 hours before going back up.  Lots of base. 

It’s all supposed to be easy but today and the other day Rudy just beat on me.  Don’t anger a Slovak by starting the ride going 23-25mph.  He said easy, I said easy, but 28mph on the flats and 350w on the hills didn’t feel like Z2.  

Greta is running too.  Every day at 6 something AM.  She hasn’t missed a day at all.  She’s awesome.  I must be awesome too for inspiring her (I think I did).  Here’s a picture from a hike we did last weekend.  Sada is crushing it and is running up Ring Mtn with Greta chasing her down.  Luckily 5 year olds have short legs. 


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Chris Westall said...

I want to see some Turkey on your plate this year!!!!

Looking forward to see you at the party.

And... doing some rides once my remodel allows me to get my bike out from under all the stuff around it.