Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another New Baby

So I’m walking down the street in Jacksonville OR – a small historical town in southern Oregon.  We pass by a few stores and in the window of one is a cage with 2 tiny little puppies.  The girls ran in to see them and the next thing I’m thinking is how can I stand to hear about how cute and perfect those puppies would have been.  


See- so cute – they reminded me of watching Ben and Aaron play. 

Fast forward a few minutes and here’s Jack coming how with us – apparently a well thought out life choice.  He’s a feisty 2lb ball of hair.  He is supposedly going to max out at 7lbs and could probably fit in a water bottle cage and he already comes when you call him.  He’s almost 2.5 months old.  Piper calls him Jacky or Jack Boy. 

IMG_8710 IMG_8722
IMG_8728 IMG_8736
IMG_8726 IMG_8722


Anonymous said...

what type of dog is that?

Loren Pokorny said...

It's a Papillon. It think that is the same as a gremlin.

Chris Westall said...

Were the 2 dogs siblings? Did you get both of them?

Super cute.

Who walks it? I bet it's you.

Sarah said...

It kinda looks like them, huh??? I hadn't even thought of that until you said it and I went 'oh YEAH!' :)

Still super cute...

kim_wilton said...

Such a cute pup!!