Monday, November 17, 2008

2009 News

Here’s the schedule for me right now:

  • April: New Orleans 70.3
  • May: Wildflower Long Course
  • July: VIneman 70.3
  • August: Timberman 70.3
  • November: 70.3 Worlds

I’ll likely throw in a few of the fun ones I do in between: Sacramento International Sprint, UVAS and maybe one other.  I’d also like to find some 10k and maybe 1-2 half marathons to do as running is a big focus this season.  If you know of a local ‘must-do’ halves, let me know.

I’ll be racing again for Z-teaM but will also be training and racing under the sponsorship of Under Armour – primarily focusing on their running line that they’re rolling out.  I’ll be in their running shoes and clothing and of course I have to thank Scott Fairchild for helping put that together for me. 

image image

Until things start getting more focused, I’m still enjoying a few of the ‘off-season’ highlights – which includes good wine.  This weekend we got up to Sonoma to visit a few of our usually wineries: Nicholson Ranch, Gun Bun and Valley of the Moon.  Until then, I’m swimming 2-3 hours a week, riding 6.5 and running about 4.  I’m also trying to fit in yoga for about 20 mins a day in the early morning.  I’ve definitely seen some good improvement in my hip and leg flexibility – but after a 2.5 hour ride up hills or at a decent constant power (I’m riding 220-270) – my legs get super tight.  My HR has been really low on the bike even at the 250w range and I’m barely in my Z2.  I’ve also improved my w/kg by .25 in just 4 weeks!  I’m sure that number might even be higher if I entered in my current weight – but I’m waiting a few more weeks to weigh myself officially and update my computers.


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Greg Remaly said...

sounds good.

keep some extra weight on until right before your first big race. maintaining race weight for a while doesn't work very well.