Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three Blocks of Three

I’m doing some different stuff this season to work on my weaknesses (swimming, biking and running fast).  The first 3 weeks of the season are just to get my legs and arms moving again which will be followed by 3 weeks of 50-70% swimming, 3 weeks of 50-70% of running and then 3 weeks of riding 50-70% of the time.  Then I’ll get into a regular routine with continued focus on the swim and run – my bike is the least of my worries and I should easily be able to do <2:30 56 mile efforts. 

October08 002I also started yoga but I fell over a few times – so I need to obviously work on a lot as far as sitting on the floor goes.  I’m certainly not starting my day with a lot of peace and tranquility as I whack my head into the door or struggle to sit all pretzeled up.  I have a new found respect for people who can put their heads up their keister without falling over all the while indicating a state of calmness without grimacing in pain.  I know in Seattle this comes easy to most especially those in local government. 

“The traffic is terrible” – it’s ok, we’ll do a study over the next 36 months… ‘the study found there IS a lot of traffic and we’re launching a study to determine solutions…..

STUDY: Solutions include: people should carpool and use mass transit and we should build bigger bridges but we’ll need a study to determine just how big.

Sorry about that….

Today I got out for a longer run –10.5 miles and ran a very steady pace of 8:11 for the entire run.  Nearly every mile was within a few seconds of that pace – so it was good to be consistent like that so early in the season.  Not bad since I also had a Guiness, Corona and 2 glasses of a decent Syrah Saturday night.

Tonight I’m headed up to Seattle for my first week back at Microsoft where I will catch up with Chris Tremonte and hopefully Mr. Ben Collins and my old coach Michael Covey.  I’ll even get in the pool for a master’s swim workout at 6am on Tuesday where I’ll be thrown in the ‘they could be swimming or having seizsures – it’s too tough to tell lane’.  I also hope to get out for some runs in one of the best parks for running: Bridal Trails with my friend Jilani. 

Last night coming home from dinner Sada proudly stated ‘at dinner I didn’t even pick my nose once’.  This means she might be ready to date in about 14 years.  Get ready fellas. 

Above is a picture of the road I’ve been riding on from Muir Beach to Stinson beach.  I stopped here to check email and figured I’d take a picture. 


Soda said...

dude my pace is faster than that.... oh and traffic... try midday saturday going up 101 through San Rafael... NOT FUN!

Sarah said...

You check your email in the middle of a gorgeous ride?


(but glad you stopped to take a pretty picture)

Loren Pokorny said...

Soda, of course you're faster. One of these days you'll have to tell me that we're racing. What was your Vineman time again?